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Make It a Must-Read: 8 Tips to Help You Fix a Broken Company Blog

Business.com / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Having trouble bringing readers to your blog? Here are eight tips that can help companies establish an effective company blog.

Brands that run a successful blog will have a community of readers who are engaged with their content.

Having dedicated readers can increase traffic, generates leads, boost SEO rankings, generate revenue and even assist in brand management.

TheBleacher Report is a good example of how a blog can evolve into a brand. The Bleacher Report went from a standard sports blog to a full-fledged company with a brand that has a cult-like following.

Forbes contributor Aaron Kwittken says, [t]he site, which covers sports from all angles, has grown to reach more than 60 million unique visitors per month,” effectively competing with more established brands like ESPN.

A company blog allows businesses to engage with their customers in a much more meaningful way. This engagement helps build relationships with potential buyers, essentially creating a powerful and effective promotional channel.

Here are eight tips that can help companies establish an effective company blog.

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1. Use a Variety of Content

Knowing what your readers want is crucial in creating useful, relevant content. But it is also important to keeps things interesting as well. The H2 Real Estate Blog provides useful content to their readers by writing content about the various communities that potential homeowners might be interested in. Buyers can learn about a great place for a first date, or where to go for yoga classes

2. Make Your Content Easy to Read

It’s important to remember that your readers have access to so much information on the Internet. Writing in a concise and Internet-friendly manner is the best way to ensure readers follow your post to the end instead of giving up halfway through to go find something more interesting. Skip the fancy long-winded jargon. Get to the point.

3. Remain Consistent

Aside from easy-to-read content, blogging consistently is one of the most important things you can do for your company’s blog. If you cannot post every day, it is best to create a blogging schedule and stick to it. Knowing when to expect content can foster trust in your readers and help build a solid community.

Consider developing an editorial calendar. Your editorial calendar should contain at least a month’s worth of content. The more you can plan ahead, the better.

4. Encourage Employee Engagement

Linjuan Rita Men, contributor for Institute for Public Relations, says “culture influences various employee outcomes, such as job satisfaction, employee trust, commitment, identification with the organization, engagement and overall relationship quality with the company.” A company blog provides a great platform for employee engagement.

Induron, an industrial paint manufacturing company, maintains its company blog with posts written by the company’s President, CEO and sales representatives. The Adidas blog is also a good example of engaged employees contributing content to a company blog.

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5. Use Relatable Images

Using relevant images or infographics is a great way to serve data-driven information in an easy-to-digest format for online audiences. Formstack, a data management platform company, earned 32 separate pieces of media coverage for their, “7 Skills New Marketers Need to Succeed,” infographic post. This visually pleasing post helped increase their organic traffic over the course of three months and gave them a stronger online voice on the topic of marketing.

Free graphic design software like Canva, or image editing tools like Picmonkey and Pixlr will help you quickly and easily create images for your blog posts.

6. Keep Your Credibility in Mind

Using outside data or information is especially important for company blogs. Most readers will be skeptical of a business blog because they understand the main goal is to generate revenue. By providing real customer testimonials, leading industry research, and the opinions of well-known professionals, you can help boost your blog’s credibility.

7. Respond to Comments

Engaging with readers helps make your company, large or small, feel personal to each customer. It helps them feel appreciated and can provide companies with insight into the needs and wants of their customer base.

Don’t worry about negative comments. Readers pay close attention to how you respond to negative comments. Professional and respectful responses to negative comments will show that you are committed to providing great service to all of your customers.

8. Optimize for Search

Search engine optimization is a set of rules bloggers can follow that will allow them to optimize their blog posts - and website overall - for search engines. This process helps improve search engine rankings and it can also make the website more user-friendly and easier to navigate.

Use keyword-friendly titles, a five to 10 percent keyword density in each blog post, and use your targeted keyword in the first and last sentence.

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Every company, regardless of size, could benefit from starting a blog. Developing a variety of useful and relevant content, publishing consistently, optimizing your content for search and responding to reader comments is just the beginning. Encouraging employees to submit content can help promote company culture, while using relatable images and simple language will keep readers on your website longer.

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