8 Ways to Successfully Disrupt Your Competitors' Sales Funnels

Business.com / Sales / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Check out this article to find out eight ways that your business can successfully disrupt the sales funnels of your competitors.

Every company has sales and marketing strategies that are tried and true methods for success.

Learning the key objectives in the competition’s sales funnel helps brands stand out, gain a larger audience and achieve industry dominance.

This affects and disrupts the sales funnels of your brand’s competition as their marketing strategy and typical methods of practice have been turned upside down.

With a few tips, you can disrupt a single sales funnel or an entire industry’s funnel, drawing more sales to your company.

1. Be Unique

What sets your company apart from others in the industry? What makes it unique? That is a question that all companies have to answer. Consumers like companies that are different than the others. Standing out in a crowded industry is what builds strength in your company’s sales funnel and disrupts the funnel for the competition.

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2. Think Like the Consumer: Awareness

Thinking like the customer is showing that your company is aware of the way consumers shop, what they want to see in advertisements and what they need the product to do. An option here is to create content that has meaning. The way that your content is presented must be unique to your brand and must provide your consumers something of importance to take away from viewing it.

3. Show Adaptability

A brand has to be able to adapt to changing technology, sales trends, and consumer buying trends all-the-while, maintaining its uniqueness. Being the first in an industry to use new methods of advertising, presenting new products/service and starting a consumer importance campaign are ways that your brand can gain attention for itself, increase sales and slowly stomp out the competition. As more consumers choose to purchase from your company, the competition will need to make some adjustments.

4. Generate Interest on Social Media

Today’s brands must have a social media presence in order to remain relevant, visible and in-tune with today’s society. A positive online reputation must also be developed and protected, especially as growth occurs. Hiccups can occur as a brand grows, which can result in some negative reviews.

It is estimated that 97-percent of consumers read online reviews, meaning the interest in your brand can diminish following a string of negative reviews. Keep positive interest flowing with innovation, technology and providing a unique user experience.

5. Improve Social Media B2B Lead Generation

Social media networks are a major influence in consumer buying decisions. The way that a company portrays itself, responds to queries and interacts with its audience is what converts sales from social media followers. Use major platforms like LinkedIn, which is the best social media platform for generating business-to-business sales leads, and Facebook. These two outlets have the biggest impact on your sales funnel, especially since business-to-business connections are important.

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6. Display Desire to Dominate a Niche

Consumers like seeing numbers, especially those that show your company or product in a higher regard than the competition. You must show the comparison of numbers without bashing the competition. The idea is simply to show transparency and real numbers showing success over the competition without tarnishing another company’s reputation.

7. Increase Your Sales Department

Every salesperson has their own approach and every marketing team has a plan. These two must combine harmoniously to expand the department, create cohesive content and create pitches that work. These two departments working together have only a single goal, and that is to drive consumers to make a purchase. Sales is the middle of the funnel, but may also have the largest impact based upon what the marketing team can do to make the brand stand out.

8. Leverage Big Data

Perhaps one of the most important elements to disrupting the sales funnel of the competition is leveraging big data. A company can easily run analytical tests to receive numbers for sales, social impact, consumer satisfaction and conversion rates for any of your competitors.

Knowing where they excel and where they are weak helps your brand capitalize on their weaknesses or develop a new strategy that shows innovation to have consumers making more purchases from your company instead of the competition. Hard facts go a long way in today’s world.

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Final Thoughts

Disruption of sales funnels, especially for company benefit, may leave a sour taste in the mouths of your competition. They may try to do exactly what your company is doing to repair their own damaged sales numbers. Your company always has to have a leg up on the competition to keep sales numbers up, bruise sales numbers for competitors and maintain a dominant presence in the industry with a positive reputation.

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