9 Young Entrepreneurs Who Made Serious Bucks at Early Ages

Business.com / Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Young minds are striving and coming up with some great innovative ideas. Nine young entrepreneurs who made serious bucks at early ages.

This generation has displayed entrepreneurship at its very best. Whether it is Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook or Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger with Instagram, we all have witnessed what these young minds are capable off.

Moreover, it is not just these big names that have amazed the whole world, but young minds all over are striving and coming up with some great innovative ideas, out of which many have achieved full-time business status as well.

Some such non-trivial young entrepreneurs who have earned a lot of success in their unique ventures have been listed below. They are not only some of the most inspiring human beings, but have also managed to cast a strong impact with their work.

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1. Matthew Mullenweg

Picture of Matthew Mullenweg
Matthew Mullenweg

This young entrepreneur introduced us with the ultimate blogging site, Wordpress.com. Without Mullenweg, millions of blogs wouldn’t exist as his inspiration gave the world an easy-to-use blogging platform. Wordpress gave that right boost to the writing world and became that breakthrough innovation, which made it possible for thousands of writers to scribble words online, instead on paper.

2. Moziah Bridges

Picture of Moziah Bridges
Moziah Bridges

While most young boys never really enjoy the idea of being formally dressed up in suits and bow ties, Moziah Bridges took his passion for bow ties to a whole new level. Bridges started sewing his own bow ties, after being fairly disappointed by what the markets were offering him, and soon this 11-year-old fashion-forward boy began selling his creations on Etsy, where they grabbed the attention of brands and boutiques. Now, the star entrepreneur behind Mo’s Bows plans on starting his own children's clothing line soon.

3. Nick D'Aloisio

Picture of Nick D'Aloisio
Nick D'Aloisio

All iPhone users know what Summly did for them. Well, the brain behind Summly was this 17-year-old entrepreneur, who developed this summarization app. Summly became an instant hit as it made its debut in the iPhone App store, and made it possible for users to achieve summaries of news articles.

For Summly, Nick D’Aloisio received backing from Horizon Ventures and other investors, while in 2013, Yahoo acquired D'Aloisio's company for a mind-blowing $30 million. Talk about some big bucks.

4. David Karp

Picture of David Karp
David Karp

This software consultant of a parenting website came up with the idea of developing a fun, easy and interactive blogging platform for everyone, which today is widely known as Tumblr. To the bloggers, David Karp gave them the Facebook of the blogging world and has millions of users worldwide.

5. Yoong Siang Lee

Picture of Yoong Siang Lee
Yoong Siang Lee

Focus Photography is one of those names, which has taken the Toronto wedding scene by a storm. What’s remarkable about this venture is that after the entrepreneur mastermind, Yoong Siang Lee took over, the company took a 180-degree change, increasing the overall revenue by a mind blowing 120 percent and going from eight employees to 37 in just three years. Currently working on another creation, Focuscorps, this entrepreneur aims to launch this one-stop shop for businesses and offering all the services of photography, videography, marketing, web designing and more.

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6. Neil Patel

Picture of Neil Patel
Neil Patel

One of the most famous bloggers of this decade, and named as one of the most influential personalities present on the web, by The Wall Street Journal, Neil Patel is the entrepreneur we all dream to be. Not only he is the co-founder of two huge Internet companies, CrazyEgg and Kissmetrics, but this man has also managed to grab most of the top blogs in the world to link to his site permanently.

7. Eric & Susan Gregg Koger

Picture of Eric & Susan Gregg Koger
Eric & Susan Gregg Koger

What started out as a small-scale clothing business for Eric and Susan in their high school days, turned into a massive worldwide shipping store later. After completing their graduation, these two decided to take Modcloth to a full-time business state and till that day, this venture has earned them some big bucks.

8. Keiran O’Neill

Picture of Keiran O’Neill
Keiran O’Neill

This 22-year-old is one of the most talked about serial Internet entrepreneurs. With his three huge successes online, Keiran O'Neill managed to sell his first website for a whopping $1.25 million. Presently, O'Neill has launched a gaming social network and has raised more than $1 million while running the world’s largest PlayStation website. psu.com and playfire.com are among this entrepreneur's marvels.

9. Matt Mickiewicz

Picture of Matt Mickiewicz
Matt Mickiewicz

Whether it is your very first website or your 20th, we all have visited Sitepoint at some point in our lives. The mastermind behind this hub is Matt Mickiewicz. What started out as a platform for webmasters to learn more about improving their websites, now lets them deal with everything; from buying/selling websites to hiring people for your tasks and much more. Sitepoint has evolved into a cyber market in itself.

The similarity in all these young entrepreneurs is all of them started from scratch and turned the tables for themselves.

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The point of mentioning these star entrepreneurs was not to show their riches but to understand how entrepreneurship works. In the middle of all the glamor and the hype, one must always know what entrepreneurship requires. But a sufficient entrepreneur is the one who can:

  1. Identify and target the emerging markets; Be it was WordPress or Tumblr, the entrepreneurs took a chance with the social media market. The introduction of a blogging platform in such a sphere proved beneficial for them.
  2. Introduce substantial services to the customers, which involves knowing your strengths and weaknesses and what the competition is offering.
  3. Understand the need for innovation and provide something different or "signature" to the people while being in the game.
  4. And lastly, the key to everything; being innovative.

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