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A Guide to Marketing to Teens

By Shannon Tani, writer
Jul 06, 2011
Image Credit: NanoStockk / Getty Images
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Join a muli-billion dollar market by niche marketing to teens

Marketing to teens is easy if you know what you're doing, but can have disastrous results if you go about things the wrong way. Teenagers are media-savvy and distrustful of advertisers, so if you want to create a marketing campaign for teens, you need to get inside their heads.

Trends for target marketing to teenagers change frequently. As a method becomes more common and mainstream, it loses its effectiveness. Because of this, it's important to stay up to date on the current trends in niche marketing to teens.

Consider the following when you create an advertising campaign for teenagers:

1. Teens are socially conscious and more likely to support a company that supports a good cause. When niche marketing to teens, make sure that your company supports a variety of charitable causes.

2. One of the best ways to market to teens is through entertainment. Movies, music and television can all influence teen behavior. Your product must look cool.

3. Teens are comfortable with technology and social networking programs. Any advertising campaign for teenagers should incorporate these types of media.

Create focus groups and surveys to help with target marketing to teens

The simplest way to learn what teenagers want is to ask them. Most teens are more than willing to share their opinion with you on a variety of topics. You simply need to find ways to get them together and get them talking.

Attend marketing conferences to network with others to plan a marketing campaign for teenagers

Conferences are a great place to meet others that work in the teen market and to get great ideas from each other. Various lectures will teach you about the current trends in the market.

Stay up to date on niche marketing to teenagers with blogs and newsletters

Because trends can change so quickly with the teen market, it's important to learn about trends through media that can update you just as quickly. Look for resources that have daily or weekly news updates.
  • Try to be yourself when creating an advertising campaign for teens. Companies often miss the mark when they try too hard to be cool by incorporating teen slang or trends. Teens will see through these attempts and lose interest in your product
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Shannon Tani
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