A World That Demands Political Change on a Global Scale is Turning to the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Business.com / Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Could politicians learn from successful entrepreneurs? Let’s take a look at how these two worlds are colliding within a global perspective.

We live in a political climate where Trump could be the next leader of the free-world, touting his business experience as his biggest asset. The 24/7 news cycle is consumed with his headline-grabbing one-liners.

Trump is a megalomaniac with an ego the size of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico combined. And, he understands very, very little about politics. But, before we let the king of reality television and gold-plated high-rises suck up all the oxygen in the room, let’s adjust the focus of our lens.

We need to take a closer look at the grassroots politicians with everyday experiences and the ability to make the world around them a better place.

Take a panoramic shot of the world. Yes, Trump does business on a global scale, but sometimes it’s more important to pay attention to the rising stars in a more diverse context.

For example, Fabrizio Moreira, a resident of Brooklyn and political dissident living a life in opposition to global socialism in the 21st century, is fast becoming a political sensation within Latin American circles.

In a world where polarization in politics is reaching unprecedented levels, there’s a demand for common-sense reform that empowers individuals to live life on their terms. Political dissidents are gaining a voice and a loyal audience.

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An Appetite for Change on a Global Scale

The world is craving something new, something better, or at least different. In the UK, the vote on June 23, 2016, decided that the famous “Brexit” would succeed in tearing the European Union apart. In the Philippines, the Huffington Post reports that “The New President of the Philippines is Donald Trump on Steroids”.

In the Middle East, ISIL is reaching unprecedented levels of economic and geopolitical strength. The global economy is potentially on the brink of yet another global recession. And, to top it all off, the population of the world’s last remaining superpower is more politically polarized than it has been in more than 150 years.

The globally minded world that gave us NAFTA in the 90s has swung towards nationalism in recent years. People are choosing to work, live and play among people that agree with their political and ideological views; without giving thought to finding ways to compromise and engage in conversation with the people that disagree with them.

New Media Is Catering to a Divided Population

The Internet, a tool that has connected us all together in ways never before seen, is also helping to divide us. There are so many websites, blogs and social media channels producing information for consumption, that the path of least resistance is to find a niche market and reinforce its beliefs while catering to it. Is it any wonder that tomorrow’s politicians have to be incredible marketers with the ability to connect with the electorate through smartphones, tablets and computers?

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Representation for All, in a Changing World

As I mentioned a few moments ago, Fabrizio Moreira is a man who embodies many of the things tomorrow’s politicians will need. He has international relationships with celebrities, journalists and titans of industry. He’s also established strong ties with Latin American politicians, helping Edgar Jara (Candidate for president of Ecuador), Otto Pérez Molina (former Constitutional President of Guatemala), and Susana González (Former leader in the Ecuadorian senate) with their social media efforts.

In addition to his social media business, Mr. Moreira has established himself as an international Talent Manager and PR, working with UK Guitarist Jack Moore and the H.H. Princess Basmah Al Saud, a member of Royal Family of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the Saudi Culture and Arts Association. But in the near future, Fabrizio is setting his sights on a return to political life, by securing a seat in Ecuador’s Senate, representing Ecuadorians living in the United States.

Overcoming Political Exile to Stand Against Power and Corruption

There’s a reason Fabrizio Moreira is a fascinating case study in what it takes to create real change while taking a stand for the most vulnerable populations in the world. His story starts in 2000 when he became active in Latin American politics. Working within and consulting for political campaigns that supported his positions gave him a taste for affecting change.

For example, Moreira organized a rally in support of political freedom when Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, visited Ecuador in 2008. The protest was politically suppressed by government officials and state-run media looked the other way as protestors took to the streets of Manta to demand their freedom from political persecution. President Chavez personally demanded that the protest be shut down.

Fabrizio was eventually forced to leave Ecuador, moving to the United States as a political dissident fighting against 21st-century socialism. While he may have moved away geographically, he kept in close contact with friends, family and political supporters back home. He’s taken a position as a passionate entrepreneur, hoping to change Latin American politics using his decade of business and political experience.

Leaning on the Entrepreneurial Spirit to Overcome Political Persecution

While engaging in political discourse is important, combining political ambition with entrepreneurial pursuits could be the new recipe for world-changing success. Financial success has afforded Moreira the opportunity to serve on a variety of boards and advisory committees. This includes the Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) Youth Network, where he supports the economic participation of all people by helping to remove barriers to entry. A special focus is placed on providing young people with a path to political and economic participation.

He’s been invited to speak in Spain, Columbia, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador on the subject of economics; specifically, on topics relating to encouraging young people to embrace an entrepreneurial lifestyle to deliver themselves and their families from poverty while making a positive impact on the communities around them. The World Bank provided him with additional training and resources in Spain to help him gain an even better understanding of the challenges faced by those economically shut-out from a world that should be full of opportunity.

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Thankfully, the internet has provided a new platform for free and honest discussion of ideas. Companies like Fabrizio’s Talent Agency, VIP Music Records, and Mr. Moreira’s Political Marketing Agency have propelled the Ecuadorian native into a position where he can help provide media attention to causes he cares about. This could position him to easily win a seat in the Ecuadorian cabinet and gain the right to safely travel to his native land. After all, if there’s anything Mr. Trump has taught us if you can control the media you can control the election.

It will be fascinating to observe how social media, blogging, and other digital marketing plays a role in future elections. Will we stick to policy, or will voters simply go for the most digitally attractive candidate? In this writer’s opinion, the key to future electoral success will lie in a candidate’s ability to personally cater to the needs of an Internet-addicted electorate.

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