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Advertising jobs key terms are very important to the profession. While the number of available jobs in advertising is growing, the ...

Advertising jobs key terms are very important to the profession. While the number of available jobs in advertising is growing, the field is still competitive. Therefore, it is essential to be as selective as possible when hiring a new advertising employee or trying to get a contract with a potential client. Using proper advertising lingo can put your company a step ahead of the rest.

Like many other fields, advertising has a language all of its own. Each type of media within advertising has specific key terms. Correctly using the terms associated with advertising can greatly add to the impression that your company gives your clients. When thinking about advertising jobs, consider the following:

1. Which advertising jobs key terms is it important for your employees to know?

2. Which type of advertising media jobs does your business target?

3. What type of training do you prefer for employees for a career in advertising?

Quiz prospective hires over these key terms in radio advertising jobs

Certain key terms are specific to radio advertising. When advertising job postings to fill a position in radio advertising, ask about knowledge of important key terms. Some key terms for radio advertising are: adjacency - placing an ad before or after a certain program; coverage - listeners in the signal area; flight - the length of time the ad will run; avail - the time slot given to the commercial.

Familiarize new employees with key terms for online marketing advertising jobs

The Internet is becoming increasingly popular for advertising. Just as with other areas of advertising, online advertisers use a special lingo. When looking for online advertising employees, quiz them on these terms: visit - a continuous series of URL requests; upstream - websites visited right before visiting the profiled website; downstream - websites visited right after the profiled website.

Teach key terms for television advertising jobs

When most think of advertising, they think of television. Many dream of creating television commercials. When looking for employees for television advertising agency jobs, be certain to question potential workers on these terms: reach - the percentage of viewers who are expected to see the spot; frequency - the average number of times a person saw the ad; gross rating point - measures the total exposure the commercial receives.
  • When interviewing persons for advertising employment or contacting potential clients, check for more than people that know advertising lingo. Make certain that they use terms properly and are not bluffing their way through.

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