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How to Use AI to Improve Brand Awareness

Shane Barker
Shane Barker

Artificial intelligence is transforming the way marketers promote their businesses. Read on to learn about how it can help you improve brand awareness.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way businesses interact with their audiences and how they sell their products and services.

According to research by MarketsandMarkets, the AI market is estimated to grow to a $190 billion industry by 2025.

Artificial intelligence has been dominating the headlines in the business world, especially during the past year. It is promising to disrupt every industry and has added a new dimension to branding.

Leveraging AI offers you more creative solutions to deliver customer-centric products and experiences, adding greater value to your business.

About 34% of business leaders believe that AI will be the biggest game changer in transforming businesses. It can help you build strong relationships with your target audience, increase sales and revenue, and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Here’s how you can use AI to improve brand awareness.

1. Connect with the right audience

To build a successful brand that has an edge over your competitors, you need to connect with your target audience on a personal level.

Branding is not just limited to using traditional marketing tactics anymore. It includes connecting with your audience on an emotional level. You need to understand who they are, what they want, and how you can address their needs.

Building strong personal relationships with your audience can help you drive more sales and boost your business’ growth. But for this, you need to understand who you are trying to build powerful relationships with.

With AI, marketers can collect and analyze massive consumer data to assess who their ideal customers are.

You can gain better insights into the demographics, interests, problems, and preferences of your potential buyers. This can help you drive the best results with personalized marketing.

2. Leverage AI to build a better culture

Everything about your company reflects your brand values and aesthetics. This includes your customer-employee interactions, business goals, and overall work culture.

Leveraging AI can help you develop an ideal company culture. You can assess various inter-business communication channels and surveys to understand your existing company culture.

With AI, machine learning, and big data, you can analyze factors such as employee sentiment, productivity levels, and engagement.

Some AI-powered systems such as Slack collect communication data. You can also conduct surveys to accurately determine the current priorities and problems of your employees.

Managers and leading executives can then use these insights to build an ideal company culture. A data-driven employee management strategy can take your company in the right direction.

If your employees are happy and satisfied, they are likely to spread good words about your company. This can help you improve your brand awareness and enhance your reputation as well.

3. Improve customer experience

Companies are focusing more on delivering better customer experiences today. Right from the inception of a brand, customer satisfaction can play a vital role in determining the success of any organization.

Brands are using AI to target customers based on their behavioral patterns and deliver personalized recommendations.

AI has helped improve customer experiences through automated solutions. Businesses leverage AI-powered chatbots to offer seamless conversations and address the questions of their customers to help them make informed decisions.

They handle minor customer questions, allowing the customer service team to focus on difficult questions and requests. Chatbots can help various departments save money including insurance, sales, customer service, and financial services.

Note: If you design and implement chatbot communications in an incorrect manner, they can frustrate your customers and drive them away. You should carefully test and optimize the potential and effectiveness of your chatbots.

4. Build emotional connections on social media

Marketers are developing better ways to promote their businesses in ways that they don’t look like advertisements created just to drive sales. In fact, they are going to a much deeper level to deliver valuable recommendations and services to their target audiences.

Building emotional connections with your customers can help boost your sales and, in turn, revenue by reducing customer acquisition and retention costs.

One of the most popular and easiest ways to reach your target audience is through social media.

There are 3.48 billion people who now use social media. AI can help you determine the types of content you should post on social media to build emotional connections.

AI tools such as Cortex can help brands create and implement social media strategies that target customers both on individual and group levels.

It enables you to control your content on a granular level and helps you understand when to post, what to post, and how often. It continuously analyzes data to ensure that you craft a strong content marketing strategy that can help you reach your target audience.

5. Use powerful visual branding

Brand identity primarily includes the visual elements such as logos, taglines, fonts, and color palettes which distinguish a brand. Visual branding plays a vital role in delivering the right messages to your audience and attracting potential leads.

Choosing the right colors for your brand can set you apart from your competition and create an impact on consumers. AI technology can help you create engaging visuals using the right color palettes.

For example, AI tools can help you create logos based on simple questions about a brand’s identity. You can also conduct A/B testing to identify the best visuals that suit your brand and that are more engaging.

AI can also assist graphic designers with repetitive tasks, and provide useful tools and tips.

In addition to this, it is important to be consistent in visual branding as brand color enhances recognition by up to 80%. AI technology helps brands maintain uniformity across various channels such as websites, social media platforms, email marketing, etc.

It’s important that you pay attention to the little details as they speak loudly about your brand.

6. Enhance personalization to drive satisfaction

Brands use AI to discover in-depth insights about the interests and preferences of your customers. You can predict future customer behavior based on their previous actions.

These behavioral insights can help enhance your customer experiences by providing them with valuable recommendations. This can help boost your sales and drive more revenue.

For example, if a customer has been viewing baby products on your website, a predictive tool will help you offer them discounts on useful baby products. This can significantly increase the chances of them purchasing from your website.

Moreover, AI’s deep-learning ability brings you more opportunities to scale your business and target consumers in a more creative and powerful manner. With speech recognition, vocal translation, and image processing, AI creates indispensable possibilities for brands to reach new audiences.

You can rely on AI technologies like machine learning to build and align relative consumer data from massive, unstructured data sets. This way, you can create structured data that helps you connect with the prospects who are most likely to engage with your brand.


With the abundance of brands present in today’s world, there are a wide range of options for consumers to choose from. You need to establish personal connections with your customers to stand out from your competitors.

Consumers are more connected to brands today, and on a much more personal level. They can assess your company’s culture, employee-customer interactions, and the value that you bring to their lives.

By integrating artificial intelligence with your business, you can improve your branding strategy and generate more awareness. Whether it is about improving customer experiences or developing strong visual branding, AI tools and processes can help you beat your competition.

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