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If you've not had the chance to use the services of an air freight service, you need a resource to lead you through the maze of ...

If you've not had the chance to use the services of an air freight service, you need a resource to lead you through the maze of terms specific to the air freight cargo industry. The air freight industry has a language of its own, and if you are going to use air freight services, you need to speak the language.

Understanding air freight key terms is crucial to your success in shipping your air freight cargo. Make certain you are on the same page as your air freight forwarding service by taking the following steps:

  1. Take the time to review and understand the terms of any air freight services contract.
  2. Check with your air freight company if there are any terms for which you are uncertain.
  3. Consult with your customs broker to make certain you understand any terms specific to importing items successfully through US Customs.

Purchase an air freight key terms book

If you are serious about understanding the terms used in an air freight contract, then purchasing a reference book can help you become an informed consumer. Being informed puts you on a level playing field with your air freight service.

Develop a quick reference air freight terminology guide

Texts provide a broad-based understanding of the airfreight industry. Sometimes, though, a quick reference for an unknown term is all that you need. Developing a quick reference guide will save the frustration of hunting through pages of text when you need a quick fix.

Get sample airway bills to better understand air freight terms

If the business of air freight, discount air freight and air cargo airlines is new to you, then obtaining and reviewing sample airway bills and contracts will help to identify any unfamiliar terminology.
  • Heavy air freight services have a whole set of terms that apply to this special method of transporting air cargo. One time air charters are the perfect means to get your heaviest items shipped. Get familiar with all the technical specifications of shipping on a Boeing 747-400 by following the link below to Atlas Air.

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