Air Pollution Laboratory Testing / Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Air pollution testing is often a necessary part of business life to ensure that your company is being socially responsible to your ...

Air pollution testing is often a necessary part of business life to ensure that your company is being socially responsible to your employees and the neighbors surrounding your business.

Air emissions testing is also pertinent to automobile manufacturers as well. Working with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), car manufacturers are looking to reduce their air pollution and significantly decrease their carbon footprint.

To best utilize air pollution laboratory testing:

1. Determine the potential cause of your suspected air pollution.

2. Find a quality air pollution lab that will run your air emissions test.

3. Take your air quality laboratory results and discuss with your lab the ramifications.

4. Make any necessary updates or changes to fix the issue.

Find a lab that covers multiple types of air pollution testing

Labs like LA Testing and Air Pollution Testing Inc offer air pollution testing.

Check out government air emissions testing

The United States government has many agencies looking out for air quality well being.
Nation Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory. It is an entity of the Office of Transportation and Air Quality. Their pollution lab aims to control air pollution from motor vehicles, from vehicle engines, and from vehicle fuels. They are working with car manufacturers to advance their clean fuels and hybrid technology to reduce air pollution and the safety of communities. The National Safety Council also offers you great advice on what you can do about car emissions and reducing pollution.

Go one step further than air emissions testing

If you find out that you have an issue, work with your testing company to identify a solution. You can always also look to other companies to purchase your pollution control devices.

Continue to educate yourself before you require more air pollution testing

Stay updated on the latest pollution control systems.
AIRNow, which also offers industry information, national overviews, and conferences.
  • Educate your staff on the ins and outs of your company. If you are taking positive steps towards reducing pollution, make sure that they know about and share that with the community.
  • If there is any question as to the nature of the emissions from your company, make sure that your employees are trained correctly on what to say if asked (e.g. by family, friends, or the media). Keep your air pollution test private, but don't put anyone's safety in jeopardy.

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