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If you own a company in the airline industry, you would do well to partner with airline industry associations to strengthen your ...

If you own a company in the airline industry, you would do well to partner with airline industry associations to strengthen your business expertise and credibility. Industry organizations bring together professionals with similar goals and challenges. Members of industry organizations come from all industry divisions, but all share the same objective of expanding their knowledge.

Becoming a member of the right organization opens the door to a wealth of expertise. You will be exposed to many networking opportunities, information and resources. Additionally, airline groups may also provide invaluable services that include new products, education opportunities and industry support.

When looking for membership with airline industry professional organizations, remember the following:

1. Make sure the airline professional organization you're interested in is credible. Check BBB or other industry accreditations.

2. Many organizations don’t stipulate membership for certification.

3. Most organizations charge fees for memberships, so make sure you’re getting your money’s worth before you pay.

Become a member of accredited associations for airlines workers

Although many airline unions offer information, tools and resources to non-members, you can benefit substantially from becoming a member. Membership in a union opens the door to additional services, products and representation. Register as a business rather than as just an individual, if possible, so your employees can benefit from the membership.

Take advantage of industry training opportunities provided by airline organizations

Progress stops for no one, and you need to advance as a professional by keeping your industry skills sharp and current. Take advantage of educational programs and tools to assist you and your employees in knowledge development and career advancement. Many organizations offer information on upcoming seminars, conferences, business development courses and other industry-related programs, in addition to industry certifications.

Join airline associations that offer a full schedule of events and conferences

Events and conferences are a boon to any business. They give you an opportunity to network and share issues with industry peers. More importantly, they give your company exposure within the industry, and provide you an opportunity to further your relationships with other businesses. Try and pick organizations with nationally-recognized events.

Partner with airline councils that set airline industry standards

In addition to organizations that represent airlines and the professionals who make them run, there are other groups that oversee airline industry as a whole. By setting standards as an industry, airlines can make operations more consistent.

  • If you're considering an airline professional association for its online resources, look for one with an active forum where you can discuss issues with industry experts in real time.

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