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Those considering a career as an airline reservations or ticket agent will need proper airline reservation systems education and ...

Those considering a career as an airline reservations or ticket agent will need proper airline reservation systems education and training. Even with many passengers making online reservations, all airlines still employ reservation agents and use airline reservation systems. Several airline reservation systems are currently available, and there are a few avenues one may take to get reservation system education and training.

Some colleges and universities offer courses in airline reservation systems for those seeking a degree in travel and tourism. Online courses in airline reservation systems are also available. You also might choose an internship at a major airline in order to get hands-on training on an airline reservation system. Consider these ways in which to receive your airline reservation systems education and training:

  1. Enroll in airline reservation system courses at a local college or university.
  2. Sign up for online courses that teach students about airline reservation systems.
  3. Intern as an airline reservations agent for hands-on reservation system training.

Attend college courses to learn about airline reservation systems

Some colleges, universities and technical or vocational schools offer programs in travel and tourism. Coursework in some of these programs includes classes that address specific airline reservation systems. Even if you choose not to pursue an associate or bachelor's degree, you might take a class or two that teaches about reservation systems.
Cypress College offers classes that cover both APOLLO and SABRE, two widely-used airline reservation systems. Find two courses in computerized airline reservation systems through the travel industry management program at Miami Dade College.

Choose online courses as part of your airline reservation systems education and training

Many of those seeking education, training or continued education in any topic turn to online courses, mainly because of the flexibility they offer. Several online schools offer courses in airline reservation systems.
Get an online introductory training course in both APOLLO and SABRE airline reservation system through AAA Travel Agent Training Center. Penn Foster has an online travel and tourism specialist program that includes an instruction set on airline computer reservation systems. The online travel agent training program at Gatlin Education Services allows students to choose courses in any of the five major airline reservation systems.

Take advantage of airline reservations internships

Few training tools can beat hands-on experience in any field, and this is certainly true when it comes to an airline reservation system. An internship in the airline industry can have you working alongside seasoned airline reservations agents who can train you in a one-on-one situation.
Land an internship through Central Pennsylvania College and you can learn about airline reservations by interning at such companies as American Airlines and US Airways. Alaska Airlines offers summer internships in all areas of the airline industry. An internship at SkyWest Airlines provides students with hands-on training in the airline industry.

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