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All Social Media Was Created Equal

Ed Drozda
Ed Drozda

The following dialogue recently posted to LinkedIn. It was in response to a tweet by Donald Trump about Hillary Clinton.

Commenter #1: Donald is clearly his own communications director. This one just took thousands out of his camp and into hers.

Commenter #2: No it didn't.....

Commenter #3: Ha Ha Ha

Commenter #3: Bill please divorce Hillary you have already proven she can't take care of business.

Commenter #4: And, ---, she probably won't be able to satisfy those new incoming camp-dwellers either. The power of communication ... A great case study on national communication! Either way, Trump's business brand wins ... regardless of whether he wins the US Presidency.

Commenter #1: Of the five who remain there is not one who understands and communicates to the intellect AND well-being of the people. That's most likely because the majority have their heads down to make ends meet...and not communicating to their elected officials. 6 months from now we'll be hearing, "how on earth did he/she get elected?"

Commenter #5: Are you serious?

Commenter #5: Looool

Commenter #1: Help us understand what you mean? Mature and effective communication is key.

Commenter #6: I have been asking a similar question: if Bill chose other women over her why shouldn't we? It is highly illogical to do otherwise. Of course, add to this the federal crimes, scandals, pathological lying, lack of respect for our military, dereliction of responsibility in compromising America's security, getting our men killed and having the stupidity to say in the face of Congress, "so?" Assassinated or imprisoned. Either would be great.

Commenter #7: Please don't post this crap on LinkedIn.

Commenter #8: The Arab male perspective...Zzzzz. (Note: commenter # 5 is an a male, possibly of Arab descent)

This is the sort of dialogue I expect to play out on Facebook and a host of other social media sites. As for LinkedIn, well I always thought it was intended as a business networking site. Maybe I was wrong. All social media really is created equal.

I'm sticking my neck out here, but what do you think?

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Ed Drozda
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