All This Technology and All I'm Feeling is Overwhelmed

By Ed Drozda, writer
Dec 17, 2015
Image Credit: NanoStockk / Getty Images

As if it's not enough to keep up with the last minute Christmas activities, social media is forging ahead as one of the biggest game changers since the introduction of the light bulb. Social media (and the tools used to manage it) is taking up more of our time than many things in our busy lives. Check out these interesting statistics:

The estimated world population is 7.2 billion people.

  • Nearly 2.1 billion-people with social media accounts
  • 4.5 billion- daily Facebook likes
  • 284 million- active Tweeters (most follow Kim Kardashian; I haven't got a clue why)
  • 500 million- daily tweets
  • 363 million-Google+ users
  • 5 billion- +1 button clicks/day
  • 300 million- the number of Instagram users
  • 70 million-photos and videos sent daily on Pinterest
  • 347 million- registered LinkedIn members


Amazingly, this is but the tip of the iceberg. New social media outlets are emerging on a daily basis; all you have to do is look in your inbox for the latest offerings.

The Price of Connectivity

The ability to be immediately and constantly connected supports the concept of immediate gratification and it carries a price. The human body benefits from down-time; an opportunity to refresh the batteries as it were. With all these connectivity options flashing before us, it's a wonder that we have time anymore for replenishing ourselves. In a recent article I read that 79% of surveyed business people report that they check their e-mail in the bathroom? Whatever happened to bringing along some light reading or maybe a little time for some introspection? Have we relinquished the need for rest and relaxation?

Have we grown so dependent upon these tools that we're dismissing the need for human contact? Our time together has been reduced as we spend more and more time playing with our electronic toys. Are we losing touch with each other?

Where Do We Go From Here?

We live in an era where technology can readily supply whatever we fancy. We're asking for more ways to connect and we're getting new ones, almost daily. If the past is any indication, we're rapidly moving towards a time when the need for human contact will be a choice rather than a necessity.

Are you happy with the amount of time you spend in touch? Do you miss the simplicity of a quiet walk on the beach or in the forest? The deluge of devices and connections will continue to chip away at our solitude and will shape the way that we live forever more.

Technology is designed to serve us and yet we may become enslaved by it. You have a choice to make. What will it be?

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