Ammonium Sulfate Applications and Uses

By Paula Papp, writer
Dec 12, 2011
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Examine the many uses of ammonium sulfate

A salt compound that easily dissolves in water and binds to proteins making those compounds it binds with easier to remove from water, is ammonium sulfate. When it is used in the form of ammonium lauryl sulfate, water surface tension is decreased allowing water to spread at an easier pace, easing the actual separation of contaminants from water and makes the water harder.

Ammonium sulfate applications and uses are enhanced by the low cost of ammonium lauryl sulfate and ease of use as an ingredient found in a variety of products. Some products with ammonium sulfate include:

1. fertilizers that specifically contain ammonium sulfate products for use on both crops and lawns;

2. an additive that is used in both biotechnical applications and pharmaceutical products;

3. using it as water treatment and /or cleaning additive.

Use fertilizers rich in ammonium sulfate for a greater yield in your agricultural products

If your business is associated with agriculture, using ammonium sulfate products, found in fertilizer, makes soil which is alkaline convert to a more acidic based soil that will increase your crops overall yield.

Utilize ammonium sulfate as a preparation for vaccines and purifying water for pharmaceuticals

Ammonium sulfate can be used for pharmaceutical reasons in regards to the purification of water and vaccine preparations. Using this helps to 'salt out' excess proteins or contaminants. If your business works within the pharmaceutical segment of the market, it is important that you know where to buy ammonium sulfate products and where to locate distributors and manufacturers that have a good business history of conducting business with biotech organizations to assure that the product is high quality.

Educate your customers about products that contain ammonium sulfate and their uses

Let customers know about ammonium lauryl sulfate's water softening property as well as its ability to separate many different contaminants. Products include those found in detergents, cleaning products, toothpaste, shampoo and dental cleansers.
Household Products Database is one of the best resources. There is detailed information about each product and its uses. Another source of excellent information and products that contain ammonium sulfate and that have undergone clinical and scientific trials/studies to support any claims made about the benefits and uses of each product is the Diana Yvonne website, which contains a wealth of knowledge about products containing ammonium sulfate and its uses.
  • Ammonium sulfate causes irritation to the eyes, skin and respiratory tract and can be extremely harmful if swallowed. If this should occur, immediately call local poison control for direction on intervention types.
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