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Anatomy of a Killer LinkedIn for Business Page

Deborah Sweeney
Deborah Sweeney

LinkedIn isn’t a standard, run-of-the-mill social media site. Its founders built the site for a specific purpose – to help people expand their professional, working network and further their careers.

But LinkedIn has grown to be more than a site to showcase a resume and find jobs; people use it to share and discuss news, trends, and other content.

Further 22 percent of adults on the internet have used LinkedIn, making it more popular than Twitter amongst that demographic. There is no more excuse for businesses to avoid LinkedIn in their social marketing.

Making a killer LinkedIn page doesn’t have to be hard either. The first step is realizing that the purpose of your company’s LinkedIn page is to capture, and engage with, your audience. Although these pages tend to work better for B2B services and companies looking for new employees, any company can see effective engagement as long as they target content to their specific audience.

Unfortunately, many companies believe that a great LinkedIn page takes hours to create and maintain, but you only have to focus on a couple key aspects of your LinkedIn company page to generate real results.

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Simple Profile Photo

Start with the most basic part of the page: the profile photo. Too many companies try to squeeze their entire logo inside that small, 100px*60px square. The key is to make it as simple as possible. For MyCorporation, we ditched the words and just went with shapes. It’s eye grabbing, but simple. Colors work great but they need to be on a white background.

MyCorporation Linkedin profile

 Image via LinkedIn

LinkedIn automatically adds a white border to your profile photo. So by having a white background, the photo blends in seamlessly and looks incredibly sharp.  You’ll notice that the major mistake in almost all LinkedIn profiles is clutter. Having complex images or letterings are hard for the eye to follow and will definitely increase your page’s bounce rate.

Dynamic, but Clear Cover Photo

My best advice for this is to think of a cover photo like a billboard. Chances are you will only have a couple seconds to grab and hold the consumer’s attention. That is why your cover photo should have very little wording, and a captivating image. If you look at some of the most successful LinkedIn cover photos, you’ll find one thing in common: people.

Coca-Cola’s cover photo is a perfect example, with its collage of people from different countries. Everyone associates Coca-Cola with its famous tagline “Share a coke with the world” and although they do not have that particular commercial running anymore, the theme of a global, united brand has been maintained through their clever cover photo.

Coca Cola LinkedIn Profile, cover and profile picture

Image via LinkedIn

Photos of people, or drawings of people, tend to be the key to a successful cover photo because they allow the consumer to imagine themselves with the company. Especially for B2B services, the cover photo of a company’s actual customers allows potential businesses to see the types of customers they work with.

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Diverse and Engaging Posts

Links are great. But, please don’t solely create link posts. A killer LinkedIn page carefully balances links, photos and questions. Each of these company updates is the heart of your LinkedIn page’s success.

To find this balance, pay close attention to when posts go live and how well they do on the analytics tab. These analytics also let you know what types of people have been drawn to visit and follow your page. In the era of big data, you must keep a constant eye on these analytics to maintain an even remotely successful LinkedIn page.

HP Engaging Posts

 Image via LinkedIn

It’s all about optimizing the post type, description and content for your target audience. This will also help generate real conversation. LinkedIn members are 50 percent more likely to buy a product from a company if they have engaged with the company’s corporate page. Engagement should be your number one goal, so the top data analytics to watch out for are an increasing engagement percentage, and the demographics of both your visitors and followers.

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Showcase Company Culture

Many believe that a “Jobs” tab is only for large companies—businesses like Facebook, Dell and other Fortune 500 companies tend to have the most robust “Careers” pages. But small businesses have a real opportunity with this section of their business page. Having a “jobs” tab not only allows you to show off your company culture, but also recruit from one of the largest communities of job-seekers.

Dell Jobs Linkedin

 Image via LinkedIn

In 2012, 93 percent of all companies on LinkedIn used the platform for recruiting new hires. Also, your “jobs” tab gives you an opportunity to post another cover photo. Like your first cover photo, pictures or drawings of people are often the best way to grab attention without too much clutter or distraction from the rest of the page.

The key to a standout “jobs” photo is to showcase what makes your workplace unique. Is it the diversity in your employees, or your open workspace? Whatever it is, take a photo of it and show it off to the world of LinkedIn.

With all the different photos and posts, a LinkedIn company page works a bit like a body. A single faulty organ makes the entire body sick. Each aspect needs to be coherent and consistent with the others to create killer engagement. Once you get that, your audience is much more likely going to choose your business over another. 

Like any social media platform, you just have to monitor that target audience, and give them what they want to see.

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Deborah Sweeney
Deborah Sweeney Member
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