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Key Elements of an Amazing Mobile App

Abeer Raza
Abeer Raza

Digitize your business to save money, effort and time.

  • Application development for your business can pave the way to success.
  • Hiring the right Android or iOS mobile app developer who understands branding, UI, UX and design is key.
  • Market research is fundamental to understand the value your target audience is looking for from an application.

App development is a tool many businesses have adopted to increase access within a market and reach a larger target audience. While it is one thing to understand the need of an application, it is also important to have a good grasp on why it is important and the key factors that will help you develop a successful application.

The problem with conventional business models

Business engagement has gone digital, and for businesses to evolve with this trend, there's an immediate need to move away from conventional brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce platforms and have a strong online presence. People are looking for maximum convenience and the opportunity to save as much free time as possible in a highly competitive market. So, if a business requires customers to find the time to drive to a store and shop, it's probably going to lose customers, which is a mistake that most startups and small businesses make. Lack of time has become a problem for stores that require an investment of energy and time for customers to access their services.

To resolve this issue, businesses have to adopt a swift, convenient and accessible model of engaging with their clientele. Developing apps to bridge that gap is the future of businesses. Here are a couple reasons app development can help your business grow.    

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1. An app saves time.

Businesses need to provide maximum value to their clients in order to survive for the long term. This value is usually highlighted in advertisements and content as a quality product or service, an incomparable bundle of features, or highly competitive pricing in the market. However, a key value that businesses tend to overlook is time. 

An app that allows users to interact with businesses while they're at home and involved in mundane tasks does one extra thing that brick-and-mortar businesses can never do: It brings the shop to the customer, highlighting the importance of their time. App users can "visit" a shop, see a catalog, and find something they would love to buy without wasting time, money on transportation, or any physical effort. 

2. It increases market reach and improves engagement.     

Businesses often fail to get customers to buy a certain product because they haven't updated the customers about a new catalog, service or product, or promotional offer. This communication gap puts brick-and-mortar businesses at a severe disadvantage. How can such a business let its customers know of an offer, a new product or an improved service?

Imagine if a conventional store calls a random client or sends them a message to inform them of a new service. One of two things will happen: The customer will be annoyed about the call, or they'll politely take the call and rely on the caller's word without any visual proof or additional information. In both situations, conversion chances remain fairly low. [Are you in the market for app maker software? Check out our reviews and best picks.]

An app solves this problem to a great degree. For example, push notifications can update clients on any new feature, promotion, or change in your operations or services. Furthermore, an app provides a visual representation and necessary information that clients can access at their own convenience. For businesses, this is a great way to market new arrivals or promotional offers and successfully convert masses of people into clients.

Key elements for developing a successful app

  • Market research: To come up with an application, it is important to have a thorough understanding of your consumer base. Creating a buyer persona enables you to effectively understand your clients' needs and wants. This will allow you to design your app and its features in a more targeted and accurate way that ensures maximum utility for your clients. This detailed research would include information on targeted age groups, financial backgrounds, income brackets, education level, place of residence, etc. The more information you have about your target market, the better the chances of delivering what they need through your app.
  • Competitor analysis: It is also important to analyze your competitors to better understand your industry's landscape. Knowing what other businesses are offering, what works for them, or what they're missing out on can guide your services and application features. This may include the type of design and business model that you apply to the application and how you connect to the audience through a marketing strategy. 
  • Credibility and trust: Two things that are fundamental to ensure a positive image for your company or brand are credibility and trust. With the increase in online crimes and questionable activities, the web industry isn't as reliable as it once was. With applications, though, people are more willing to put their trust in your services because of your association with the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Accessibility to billions through such platforms can represent a stamp of approval that subscribes to their terms and conditions, standards, and operational criteria. This is why application services are far more trusted in the consumer market than websites, which are easy to set up and often lack credibility. Having an application for your business, therefore, ensures that your services are taken far more seriously and is a great way to establish good connections with clients early on.
  • Branding and design: One of the most important factors is the app's ability to retain customers over a long period of time. This comes with understanding the importance of the UI and UX of the application. It's important to find app developers with the right set of expertise who really understand your vision and can reliably deliver what you need.

Your app should be considered an important point of contact between your clients and your brand. This app will be responsible for telling users what your brand is about. Choosing images, color themes and feature sets that are consistent with your branding adds value to your product and reinforces its identity in the market. These little things are what make successful apps stand out from the rest, bringing them a step closer to loyal customers who understand and engage with your brand through your app.

One of the keys to building a convenient app is ensuring that the most used options are positioned in the most accessible locations, taking into account that people use their thumbs most of the time to navigate an application. Place features or options that customers are most likely to use in convenient, easily visible spots that ensure a swift user experience.

Similarly, the flow of the application and the navigation through its tabs or pages is also important. Streamlining this user flow is essential to crafting an efficient user experience. For this, you should hire a professional app developer or app development company. These branding and design solutions will allow your business application to retain customers, generate more revenue and create loyalty in your consumer base.

It is important for businesses to evolve with time and adapt to changing trends within the market. Digitization is an important step in scaling a business to make sure it reaches its potential in a technological world.

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