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Appropriate Holiday Gifts for Co-Workers, Employees and Bosses

Kiely Kuligowski
Kiely Kuligowski

Finding the perfect gift for someone at work is hard. Here are 15 gifts under $40 to give to anyone at work.

Finding a gift that's appropriate for work, that won't break the bank and that someone actually wants is one of the toughest parts of the holiday season. Whether you're shopping for a co-worker, boss or employee, this can be a tall order – so we compiled a list of 15 of the best gifts under $40 for anyone on your workplace gift list this year.

Gifts for co-workers

American Plant Exchange cast-iron plant ($24.99)


This plant is described as nearly indestructible, making it a great gift for anyone who wants to add a little green life to their space but doesn't have the best track record with live plants. The plant arrives in a 6-inch pot and can easily be repotted as it grows.

Anker gaming cable for iPhone ($19.99)

For your gamer colleague – or anyone who is often on their phone and finds that the charging cord gets in their way – this unique charging cable from Anker has a U-shaped cable design that keeps the charger tucked neatly away from your fingers as you hold your phone. It's rustproof, designed to withstand being plugged and unplugged over 10,000 times, and certified compatible with any Lightning device.

Pendleton striped socks ($12.50)

Socks get a bad rap as a gift around the holidays, but who among us doesn't appreciate a well-made sock? This pair from much-loved outdoor brand Pendleton comes in a festive red with Pendleton's signature stripes.

Yamazaki desk organizer ($30)

If your co-worker loves minimalist organization, this accessory-storage deskbar is the perfect gift. Designed in Japan with small spaces in mind, the deskbar stores multiple accessories, from pens and glasses to your iPhone. It comes in white or black and is made of a combination of powder-coated steel and wood veneer.

Insect Shield dog bandana ($11.99)

For your co-worker who's a dog person, this bandana offers their fur baby stylish protection against ticks and other insects that carry harmful diseases such as Lyme, malaria, and heartworm. It comes in orange or green and is designed to fit a wide range of dog breeds.

Gifts for bosses

Light Society Hylight desk lamp ($19.99)

For the boss who likes a little retro-style illumination, this sleek desk lamp features an angled arm with an antique brass finish, a flared lamp shade that swivels to wherever you need it, and a variety of colors to suit any office (or home office) decor.

AmuseNd cactus humidifier ($16.89)

This adorable humidifier is perfect for the boss whose home office is just a little dry. It's small enough to fit in a car and USB powered, making it easy to plug into any laptop, car charger, or any other USB outlet, so your boss can use it wherever they need it. It also lights up, allowing it to double as a night light.

OXO single-serve coffee maker ($15.99)

For your coffee-loving boss, this auto-drip tank controls the water flow rate for a good cup of coffee every time. The tank is thoughtfully designed with a precise hole pattern to evenly distribute water over the coffee grounds, and a heat-retaining lid to keep coffee hot. The dripper rests securely on various mug sizes, allowing your boss to use it with their favorite "Best Boss Ever" mug.

Bentgo lunch container ($14.99)

For the boss who loves to meal-prep, this BPA-free lunch container set consists of a salad bowl, four-compartment bento tray, sauce container, and built-in reusable fork, making it perfect for any meal. The container features a rubberized sealing ring and locking clips to keep food fresh, and it's dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Flauno electric wine opener ($29.99)

For the boss who loves a good bottle of wine but not all the work that goes into popping one open, this electric wine opener set makes the perfect gift. It includes an opener that removes a cork in under six seconds, rechargeable batteries, a foil cutter, a wine-aerator pourer and a vacuum stopper.

Gifts for employees

Ohto hexagonal pen ($14.42)

This sleek orange pen, which came in second in The Strategist's ranking of the 100 best pens, has a thin, smooth line and a unique hexagonal tube design that makes it cool enough to gift.

LifeTek New Yorker umbrella ($39.95)

Help your employees stay nice and dry with this Teflon umbrella from LifeTek. With 54 inches of coverage, a sculpted ergonomic handle, an automatic-deploy button and wind resistance, this umbrella is designed to withstand the stormiest weather. The water-repellent Teflon coating helps the umbrella dry out quickly, so it won't soak the office's or employee's home carpet when they come indoors.

Naseya no-touch door opener ($9.99)

The perfect gift for the pandemic, this useful tool allows you to use doors handles and keypads without touching them. Made of durable zinc alloy, this multitool features a key ring, rubberized stylus head and anti-slip hook.

GodlyGorgeous handmade notepad ($12)

For the employee who loves to take notes, this handmade, illustrated notepad is a beautiful way for them to get all their thoughts down. Each pad comes with 50 sheets.

Uncommon Goods Storm Cloud ($25)

For the closet meteorologist, this cloud-shaped storm glass contains special liquid that crystallizes into different patterns depending on the outside air pressure. A beautiful desktop decoration and useful weather indicator all in one!

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