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Aquaculture is the most rapidly growing segment of the agriculture industry. To get the right fish farm equipment, you have to know the ...

Aquaculture is the most rapidly growing segment of the agriculture industry. To get the right fish farm equipment, you have to know the right place to find aquaculture equipment and supplies. Fish farming supplies are not as readily available as supplies for other segments of the agriculture industry.

Fish farming equipment for today’s modern aquaculture comes in a wide range of specialized products. If you're just getting started with aquaculture, you may find used aquaculture equipment to help offset some of your startup costs. Commercial aquaculture equipment tends to be expensive. However, if you shop wisely you can find aquaculture supplies at a price you can afford.

Aquaculture equipment and supplies fall into three main categories:

1. Aquaculture supplies for water quality control

2. Fish farm equipment for the pond or lake that houses the fish

3. Specialized tanks to haul live fish to their destination

Locate aquaculture supplies that guarantee good water control for your fish

Use the latest in aquaculture technology to maintain good quality water for your fish. Test your pond or lake often for temperature control, and to manage the waste.

Buy fish farm equipment to keep the pond or lake healthy, so it keeps your fish healthy

Fish farming equipment needs to circulate and filter the water, which in turn provides the oxygen fish need to live. You can choose an aquaculture equipment supplier that provides total systems. Or, you can choose to buy fish farming equipment from several individual companies. Do whatever is best for your bottom line.

Invest in fish farm equipment to haul your fish

Whether you bring hatchlings in to your fish farm or haul outgrown fish for sale, you need some way to move live fish. Whether you invest in a large truck with specialized tanks, or slide a small tank into the back of your pickup depends on the size of your operation.
  • The U.S. Department of Commerce through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is actively promoting aquaculture. Thus, there is demand for aquaculture suppliers to provide products to the growing fish farming industry. You might look into becoming a fish farming equipment sales rep to supplement your income.

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