Are App Developers Missing a Trick When It Comes to App Store Video? / Marketing Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

It would seem app developers are missing a trick when it comes to App Store video, check out these benefits you could be losing out on.

According to a survey we did recently, 33 percent of users say they've watched a video in iOS App Store or Google Play Store before downloading, and more than half of them say it helped them to decide whether to download or buy.

Surprised so few users watch app video content? So were we.

But the issue isn't whether people like to watch video. That's been proven time and again. Maybe the question is why that video content isn't more widely available for them to view.

For one reason or another, many app developers tend to go for screenshots over video content to preview their app.

Are app developers missing a trick when it comes to app store video? Let's look at the benefits of a preview video, opposed to standard screenshots.

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Unfortunately, screenshots alone can't quite capture the element of interactivity that animation, screen recorded video and gameplay can.

With a video you are able to show whole chunks of your app in action; showcase the best parts of the game, highlight the way the app moves smoothly for the user, and demonstrate how easy it to use.

Check out this app demo for the game Spirit Runner. In just 15 seconds, the viewer is able to get a nuanced view of exactly how the app works, and what they can expect should they download it.

Increase User Understanding

Video also helps your potential user to get a better understanding of how to use the app, before they download it. This helps build realistic expectations, increasing customer satisfaction.

We've written extensively about the rapid decline in the human attention span, and video is often the perfect remedy. Consumers often don't have the time or inclination to read reams of text about what your app is and would much prefer to spend a short amount of time watching a video. It's much more engaging and dynamic.

This makes app videos a great conversion tool, a way to push those potential app users over the line. Increasing your users understanding has the added bonus of reducing your support queries, as well.

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App Store Optimization

With over 70 percent of consumers finding and downloading apps through App Store searches, it makes sense to focus on App Store Optimization to get your app as high up the listings as possible.

And, although, video and images don't have a direct correlation to being found in an app store search, they can be part of a virtuous cycle.

How? Well, let's consider just a few of the widely accepted ranking factors for the App Store and Google Play, and think about how video might be able to give them a boost.

  • Number of Downloads: video's power as a conversion tool can help persuade 'might-downloads' into bona fide downloads.
  • App Starts: the better your users understand your app, the more likely they are to engage with it.
  • Number (and Value) of Reviews: building realistic expectations of your app means that you're much more likely to garner positive reviews, and less likely to pick up negative ones. We'll come back to this point shortly.
  • Retention/Uninstalls: users who understand what your app does before they download it are much less likely to delete it.

Set Expectations

On average, 20 percent of people who download your app will use it just once. And 37% of app users say the reason they stop using an app is because it didn't meet their expectations.

By including a video for your potential users to view at the decision making stage of downloading an app, you not only help them understand how it works but also set realistic expectations of what your app can do. That way there's more of a chance they'll be happy with what they get, and therefore, in theory, less likely to stop using or delete the app after downloading it.

Happier users are more likely to leave positive reviews and ratings too, so win, win!

Tips for Creating a Video for Your App

Hopefully, these benefits for including video with your app have convinced you that they're well worth it. So now you're on board here are a few tips to help you in the process of creating an app store video.

  • Don't make it too long: the ideal length is about one min 30 secs but anything between one to two mins is acceptable. It's important to note that Apple App Store video previews need to be 30 seconds long so these will focus solely on how best to use the key features of the app.
  • Plan what the video will show in the time by creating a script.
  • It's a good idea if creating a preview for the app store to record the video from the perspective of the user using the app.
  • Include a call to action.
  • While you're waiting for the app stores to approve your video get it out there on video hosting sites like Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook. That way you get the word out sooner, and increase your reach through shares of these videos.

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Final Thoughts

Video is a great addition to your app page on either App Store or Google play. It provides your potential users with an insight into your app that they wouldn't otherwise get, and, when created in the right way, can really enhance your chances of getting more downloads and lower user churn.

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