Are Infographics the Ultimate Content Marketing Tool? / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Infographics are nothing new, but they're not going anywhere soon. Here's why they're the ultimate content marketing tool.

 It's no secret that the way we market our businesses has changed. Good marketing is now about great content which is engaging, useful and sharable, rather than interruptive and irrelevant.

However, contending with the fact that, in one day, 1.5 billion pieces of content, 140 million tweets and 2 million videos are created, can make the idea of creating regular, new and interesting content a very daunting task.

In research carried out by Barbara M. Miller and Brooke Barnett it was shown that text and graphics on their own are both useful but imperfect methods of communication. Since written language has an almost infinite amount of word combinations that allow deep analysis of ideas but relies on the reader's ability to take in this information.

Graphics, on the other hand, although easier and quicker for the reader to grasp are less effective in communicating more complicated ideas. Therefore, a way of combining the two provides the chance to take advantage of each medium's strength; with less focus on the weaknesses of each medium. The infographic does just this.

 The power of the infographic as a content marketing tool can be over looked when in fact it could be the key to major inbound marketing success, and here's why...

Visually Appealing

When designed correctly, they're fun and easy to understand; the colourful combination of the two elements make them ideal for audiences to visually digest in a world where they are constantly on the go. This is good to hear when we keep getting told that the attention span of people is getting shorter! Tapping into the fact that 90% of the information we take in is visual you can't go wrong with an infographic.

Making them visually appealing will also help with the next reason as to why they're such a great content marketing tool...

Sharable and Reusable

Creating something that's not only interesting and useful but also visually appealing means you have created a piece of content that people will want to share on social media and possibly on their own sites.

By creating content that allows this sharing opportunity over and over you can increase the reach of your brand. The more shares your infographic gets across the internet and on social networks the better your SEO will be, as the infographic will always be linked back to your site.

However, you don't have to rely solely on the hope that people will share your infographic on social networks. One of their top qualities is they can be published on any other site or medium. This means blogs and publications with their own audiences can feature your infographic giving it a much wider distribution and viewership. This will again increase traffic to your site as people click and share from the other blogs and publications.

Brand Awareness

You've created an infographic that fits within your brand guidelines. It looks fun, interesting and it provides your audience with relevant helpful data. You've also shared and promoted it and it's out there circulating the world wide web. In doing all these things you have encouraged and grown your brand awareness.

People will now start to recognise your brand and associate it with being helpful and interesting, which is ultimately what great content marketing is about. This places you as a thought leader in your industry which will help cement your brands reputation.

Closing thoughts

If we consider all the reasons for creating great content, to drive traffic to your website; to be helpful and interesting to potential visitors to your website; to convert leads into customers and to encourage those customers to trust and invest in you. An infographic covers all of these elements and it does it in a fun way.

Can you really afford to pass up the potential of such a great content marketing tool?

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