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Tech marketers must constantly be adapting to the latest technologies and trends. Here are 2014 marketing trends and takeaways from the...

Tech marketers must constantly be adapting to the latest technologies and trends. More and more, B2B marketers are made to face the reality that our marketing is not so different from B2C marketing. And the reason is because the people we are marketing to are the same -- human beings. They use the latest technology at the office to manage their business, as well as becoming experts at home on their own time. Many of the sessions and keynotes at the Tech Marketing 360 Conference in Dana Point, California last week focused on how tech marketers can use the rapidly changing tech world to their advantage.

Much of staying top of mind these days is about staying at the top of your customers' streams. These experts reviewed what is happening in this Digital Revolution and how to brave the elements and join in. It is also important to join important conversations and stay relevant to your consumers. is joining the revolution! Here are some Tweetable takeaways from last week's conference:

Keynote Speaker Brad Brooks (@bradbro) -- CMO & SVP,  Juniper Networks

  • Successful marketers understand that the future is in B-2-Me marketing @BradLBrooks via @b2bonlinemktg #tm360 (Tweet This)
  • The marketing playbook is changing. Traditional+Digital=Tradigital @BradLBrooks via @b2bonlinemktg #tm360 (Tweet This)
  • Your message must be up-leveled and individualized using both traditional and digital strategies. @BradLBrooks via @b2bonlinemktg #tm360 (Tweet This)

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Keynote Speaker Alison McConnell (@McConnellAlison) -- Chief Growth Officer, Leo Burnett Worldwide

  • Bold, purposeful creative inspires participation and yield spectacular results for your brand @McConnellAlison via @b2bonlinemktg #tm360 (Tweet This)
  • Wreak havoc in the social space like @Mayhem. Represent your band in how you interact online @McConnellAlison via @b2bonlinemktg #tm360 (Tweet This)
  • The NEW 4Ps = Purpose, people, participation , populism @McConnellAlison via @b2bonlinemktg #tm360 (Tweet This)
  • Be  compelling and human @McConnellAlison via @b2bonlinemktg #tm360 (Tweet This)
  • Don't use technology just because you can @McConnellAlison via @b2bonlinemktg #tm360 (Tweet This)
  • Join big and/or dangerous conversations @McConnellAlison via @b2bonlinemktg #tm360 (Tweet This)

Keynote Speaker Stacy Martinet (@StacyMartinet) -- CMO, Mashable

  • Social is the new search. @StacyMartinet via @b2bonlinemktg #tm360 (Tweet This)
  • This is the first generation that will truly be digitally connected. @StacyMartinet via @b2bonlinemktg #tm360 (Tweet This)
  • If you're not on mobile, you don't exist. @StacyMartinet via @b2bonlinemktg #tm360 (Tweet This)
  • Live in the stream. @StacyMartinet via @b2bonlinemktg #tm360 (Tweet This)
  • Doing content well is obvious. Additionally, focus on product & design to differentiate yourself @StacyMartinet via @b2bonlinemktg #tm360 (Tweet This)

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Keynote Speaker David Sable (@DavidSable) -- Global CEO, Young & Rubicam

  • Digital Exponential: the exponential value of connecting w/ consumers in their real physical lives @DavidSable via @b2bonlinemktg #tm360 (Tweet This)
  • Advertisers must strike a balance between Creativity and Innovation in a marketplace that demands that we be highly entrepreneurial. (Tweet This)

"Can the Tech CMO Become the Tech CEO?" Panel

Romi Mahajan (@RomiMahajan) -- President, KKM Group

Rick Miller (@OptimizedMiller) -- VP of Strategic Platform Insights, Networked Insights

Tony Uphoff (@TonyUphoff) -- CEO,

Scott Vaughan (@) -- CMO, Integrate

  • Marketing is now directly connected to revenue. @TonyUphoff via @b2bonlinemktg #tm360 (Tweet This)
  • We are all in the eCommerce business. @TonyUphoff via @b2bonlinemktg #tm360 (Tweet This)
  • The Tech CEO had better be a good marketer @RomiMahajan via @b2bonlinemktg #tm360 (Tweet This)
  • Experience should be consistently good but not necessarily "consistent" across channels & devices @romimahajan via @b2bonlinemktg #tm360 (Tweet This)

Tech Marketing 360 put on by UBM Tech, a leading B2B company in technology media and business information, was a 3-day conference devoted to helping tech marketing professionals discover the most current and cutting-edge innovations and strategies to drive marketing success. The event featured five session tracks, keynotes, the opportunity to meet top industry sponsors, and engage and network with other professionals.

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