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Since hotels are more than just buildings with rooms with beds, art for the hotel industry includes sculptures and other decor. Buyers ...

Since hotels are more than just buildings with rooms with beds, art for the hotel industry includes sculptures and other decor. Buyers for hotels need to know the key terms for the types of art and decoration offered by suppliers. That will ensure that you receive the type of decorations that best suit the requirements of your hotel as well as the expectations of your guests. Take the time to learn the key terms for art for the hospitality industry before hiring a business to add art and decoration to your hotel.

Murals design and creation

Murals add depth and style to hotel lobbies and room walls. There are mural styles that are contemporary as well as those that resemble outdoor scenes and landscapes. There are artists and art companies that specialize in providing hand-painted murals to the hospitality industry.

Giclee or limited edition prints

Giclee is the process of reproducing fine art prints digitally. Many art hospitality businesses offer limited edition and giclee fine art prints. Buying limited edition and giclee prints from a business that specializes in art for hotels ensures that your hotel's style will be fashionable.

Decor and art consultation

Decor and art consultation services are offered by many for hospitality industry businesses. A decor and art consultant helps hotel owners create the overall look of their hotel so that everything from the lobby, restaurant and rooms have a uniform and stylish art and decor concept.

Site evaluation

A site evaluation determines what sort of art or décor is best for a hotel. The consultant looks at the locations for art projects and decides the sizes and scales of art that best suits the hotel.

Prototype production

Prototype production is when a prototype or a model of a hotel room or lobby is made to show how art and design elements will be used in each space. Many hospitality art experts offer these services to large-scale hotels that want to see how the finished decor will look in their establishments.

Art selection and installation

Many art hospitality industry businesses will select the art that best suits the hotel in question and also install it. For busy hoteliers, this service takes the stress out of selecting and installing it properly. Installing art and decor for a large-scale hotel can take time, but a professional art hospitality company can get the job done efficiently.

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