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Can Artificial Intelligence Help Improve B2B Sales?

Asif Razzaq
Asif Razzaq

AI has great potential in marketing, especially in B2B sales.

Over the years businesses have employed different technologies that allow them to reach to exponential possibilities. Among these emerging technologies is artificial intelligence (AI). As AI has great potential in marketing, particularly in the domain of B2B sales, it can revolutionize the way business interact with one another about services and products.

At present, it is clear that Al has set the mode of marketing of the B2B world. Majority of the business giants fear the unprecedented role of AI in their operations, as they believe that this technology will eliminate the need for human effort. So, in the light of such intimidations, let us now see the role of AI in playing in transforming the marketing strategy of the businesses and, more importantly, where humans stand in the midst of it all.

Digital marketing in today’s world

In today's era of digital marketing, many businesses find billboard advertising, distributing pamphlets, radio ads and print median highly inefficient in this competitive B2B world.

In recent times, businesses that are employing digital marketing methods are climbing the success ladder at a faster rate as their sales are intensifying and doubling from the last few years. Many individuals prefer to shop for products and services online. In this respect, the sales revenue that the businesses generate through online ads is greater than those made from print media ads.

AI and its impacts on B2B sales and marketing

Here are a few ways AI can dramatically change the model of B2B sales:

Al keeps your sales team up to date.

Your B2B customers likely get their information about your service or products online and not through sales representatives. AI platforms pull up to date information from breaking news and social media news such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and CRM and earlier exchanges on email, so you know exactly what your customers are seeing.

AI reduces time spend on low-value sales tasks.

With the implementation of AI in the B2B marketing, instead of a sales rep, there is a personal automated assistant. The role of this assistant is to optimize the face-to-face meetings between the sellers and the buyers. With such automation, there will be no need to skim through the messages that lead to one-way communication only. With Al, business-related conversations become mechanized just through human touch.

AI helps with lead conversion.

Getting a lead, following up and convert that lead into a customer can be a complicated process. The right tools and corporate partners can simplify the process using AI automation tools. The tool is an automated sales assistant which create engaging conversations so that you can reach your sales goals. The entire process of contact, engagement and email is via artificial intelligence in two-way communication. Other AI-powered tools can help you score leads using analytical techniques from sales data.

Although the B2B sales landscape is changing due to AI, its nature is still fragmented. Thus, if businesses need to update their marketing and communications with other companies, they should increase their reliance on the AI-powered tools that set the pace of digital marketing.

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Asif Razzaq
Asif Razzaq Member
Asif Razzaq is a Digital Health Business Strategist with robust medical device and biotech industry experience and an enviable portfolio in development of Health Apps, AI, and Digital Marketing. An astute entrepreneur, Asif has distinguished himself as a startup management professional by successfully growing startups from launch phase into profitable businesses. This has earned him awards including, the SGPGI NCBL Young Biotechnology Entrepreneurs Award. Asif also has verifiable proficiency in Turnaround management and Bottom-line performance; he has helped organizations achieve increased revenues through aggressive marketing and management initiatives. He has also worked extensively with USA’s leading medical device and biotech organizations like Bioviva, MedTech Catalyst, HealthConnexions and Epinex Diagnostics. Asif Razzaq is Google AdWords Mobile and Search Engine certified. He is also Inbound certified from Hubspot. He holds a degree in Biotechnology from India, a Graduate Certificate in Bio Science Management from Keck Graduate Institute, California, a Certificate in Design Thinking for Business Innovation from The University of Virginia Darden School of Business and, a Certificate Training on Financial Modeling from Stanford University. Asif is invested in helping businesses achieve turnaround through aggressive digital marketing growth strategies and digital health initiatives. He hopes to become one of America’s most renowned Digital Health Business Strategist and CEO in a few years.