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Auto Financing in the United States

ByDenise Brown, writer
Aug 06, 2011
Image Credit: Utah778 / Getty Images
> Finance

Auto finance in US doesn't have to be confusing - how to find auto loans for your small business needs

Banks and other lending institutions as well as auto companies work to take the confusion out of auto financing in the United States. With today’s rapid systems of communication, it’s possible to purchase a car in just a matter of hours. You no longer need to go to your bank, fill out balance sheets and wait days or even weeks for approval before you purchase your vehicle. Many banks and auto loan agencies offer instant price quotes for loans based on your financial situation.

There are many options for US auto finance. No matter which method you prefer, before you make your purchase you should do your due diligence about your lending institution. You should also do your homework on how much the loan is going to cost. Specifically you should:

1. Know the interest rate on the loan.

2. Figure out the exact amount of the total loan. The auto finance in US industry requires total disclosure, so be sure you read all the fine print before you sign anything.

3. Calculate how much your monthly payments will be. Make payments on time to keep your good credit or repair your bad credit.

Know what kind of auto finance in US you are eligible for

You can get price quotes from a number of lenders in a matter of minutes. If you do your research before you go car shopping, you can get an idea of what your finance costs are going to be. You are also in a better position to know if the auto loan offered by the car dealer is a good deal for you.

Use banks for auto financing in the United States

This is the traditional method of getting a US auto loan and it's still popular. Contact your local bank or one of the online banking institutions to secure a loan that's advantageous for you.

Acquire auto finance in US even if you have bad credit

You can look for auto loans from online lenders, credit unions and local banks to help rebuild a bad credit rating. Purchasing a pre-owned car with financing may be an option you should explore. Many people use auto financing as a way to build or rebuild credit. To do this successfully, make your payments on time. Along with paying off the auto loan as quickly as possible, you should also work to pay off credit cards with high balances.

Get auto loan financing through your car dealer

Most people who buy a car through a dealership will opt for the convenience of securing a loan through the dealer as well. In this case, the dealer would hold the title of the car until you pay it off over the course of three to five years. If your credit is good, the dealer's rates are likely to be competitive. If it's less than sterling, you can expect high interest rates.

  • Your credit rating is the key to getting good interest on auto financing in the United States. Do everything you can to make sure your credit rating is good. View your credit rating periodically so you can work to correct any problems.
  • If you decide to get an auto loan from someplace other than your dealer, don't tell the dealer that until you're done negotiating the price of the car. If he knows he won't get money from the financing, he's likely to drive a harder bargain.
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Denise Brown
Denise Brown
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