B2B Online Marketing Tips for the Olympic Season

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The Olympic Games start this Friday, July 27. While the opening ceremony quickly approaches and the eyes of the world fall on the...

The Olympic Games start this Friday, July 27. While the opening ceremony quickly approaches and the eyes of the world fall on the Olympians, you might be considering how you can get the eyes of other businesses focused on your company. Think like an Olympian and get your company to be the talk of the town. Here are the top 5 B2B online marketing tricks for the 2012 Olympic season.

1. Have a Great Story

It's the stories of overcoming adversity, failing only to rise higher, and setting records that create a following for Olympians from all countries. The stories that connect with people on a personal level, such as overcoming a disappointing result, are the most successful. Your business has its own story. Tell it well in your blog  so you can show people who you are and why they should partner with your business. Come up with a title that will draw people in, like "My top 5 biggest mistakes this year and how you can learn from them". Make it personable so people can relate to your business beyond their need for the product or service. Your story will set you apart.  Tweet your post and promote it in your company newsletters, Facebook page and other marketing channels.

2. Remember it's in the Details

Olympians need details. Whether it's shaving off hair to gain a second over the competition or dieting for optimal performance, details in training make a difference in the long run. The same is true for your business. If you're going to promise a client something, deliver. Go the extra distance and take care of the little details. In the short term, a few extra calories may not make much of a difference to an athlete, but it the long term, it could impact their performance. The same is true for your business. How you handle each aspect of your business, from customer complaints on Twitter to your product return policy, makes a difference.

3. Be Authentic

With today's technology and the high frequency use of social media, being authentic is one of the best things a company can be. Remember the Michael Phelps incident? If you have secrets, they will eventually come out. Own up to the things you have done wrong and embrace those that you've done right. It's a small world and one secret will quickly spread. No matter where your business is in the world, you and your audience are connected through the world of social media marketing. Run your business with integrity and not only will people want to work with you, it's also likely they'll want to recommend you to others for your transparency and authenticity. Encourage your customers to share  how your company has righted a wrong and in the end, helped their business.

4. Be Humble

No one wants to see an Olympic athlete approach the medal stand without being humbled by the honor and experience. When those who attend the Olympics give speeches, the often recognize trainers, teammates, coaches and family members who have helped them accomplish what they have. Your business should be the same way. Take time to thank your colleagues, supporters, mentors, etc., who have helped you along the way. Use online channels to thank people for their support directly. As your company wins awards, thank those who gave them to you and if applicable, those who voted and supported you. Online marketing and social media puts you in touch with more people than ever. Use that opportunity to show your support for those that have supported you.

5. Take Advantage of NOW

No matter the sport, each Olympian only has one moment that all their work comes down to. It's one event, one game and one moment in time. All of their focus and efforts pour into that moment. Each day and decision they make is for that moment and goal. Treat your business with the same focus. The decisions you make today impact your business's performance tomorrow. Staying focused on your future goals will help you get to where you want to be. Athletes focus on the gold and this one thought aides them in their actions. Keeping focused on what you want your business to be will help guide your decisions now.

How has your business performed like an Olympic athlete?

Image Source: morguefile.com

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