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How do you really know who you're hiring? Check out the comparison chart to compare features and prices between the top background check ser

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Sure, there are a lot of qualified candidates for the position you're trying to fill, but how do you really know who you are hiring? With jobs becoming more competitive, applicants are feeling the need to lie on their resumes in order to improve their chances of getting hired. According to a survey conducted by, 58% of employers report that they've caught a lie on a resume. 

Background checks can reduce your business's risk of falling victim to resume fraud, occupational fraud, and the big costs associated with bad hires. It's now more important than ever to make sure the people you hire are capable, qualified, and trustworthy. 

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The Background Check Comparison Chart allows you to explore your options side-by-side so that you can ensure you are hiring the right people without breaking the bank.

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