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Baked treats are just one of those standard food items that Americans have grown to expect when they eat out. Along with their morning ...

Baked treats are just one of those standard food items that Americans have grown to expect when they eat out. Along with their morning coffee, patrons indulge in moist pound cakes, buttery crumb cakes and tender muffins. If they didn't enjoy a treat with breakfast, Americans will certainly satisfy their sweet tooth at lunch and dinner, usually with dense brownies, flaky pies or decadent layer cakes.

There's no question that baking sweets in your restaurant's own kitchen requires a certain skill, supply of ingredients and too many extra hours of work that some owners simply don't have. Fortunately, there are thousands of wholesale bakeries in this country experienced in turning out the delectable goodies American patrons long for. Whether you're looking to find baked treats that are gourmet or standard, organic or not, your choices are numerous.

1. Play it safe with commercially made baked treats from experienced companies.

2. Home baked treats give your dessert menu a special twist.

3. Offer organically prepared baked treats for greater selection.

Offer your customers a wide selection of commercially made baked treats

Diners and other restaurants that don't bake on the premises usually prefer dealing with producers experienced enough to turn out the standard breakfast-lunch type baked goods in large volume.

Choose home baked treats custom made by reputable bakers

Upscale cafés and gourmet eateries can stand out from the competition by serving baked treats with that undeniably home made look and taste.

Incorporate organic baked treats into your menu

Organically made foods and baked treats continue to attract health-conscious diners and those who believe goodness in food does not have to come from chemicals and potentially harmful additives.

  • Ask about sugar-free and ethnic-inspired baked treats when contacting any of these suppliers.
  • For the freshest tasting baked treats, buy frozen dough for cookies, crumb cakes and muffins that you bake on the premises with almost no prep work involved.
  • Ask a supplier you deal with for a baked treats directory or baked treats list of manufacturers who operate in your geographic area.
  • Don't be shy about speaking directly to a manufacturer. Many are happy to share specific baked treats information, such as nutrition analyses and ingredients used, with their customers.

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