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Access to commercial banks in Venezuela is an important consideration for business owners growing or starting their company in the ...

Access to commercial banks in Venezuela is an important consideration for business owners growing or starting their company in the Latin American market. Although Venezuela is one of the richest countries in Latin America, strict government regulations and political and economic instability make banking in Venezuela and investing for foreigners not as simple as in some other countries. Typically, a business or investor visa and company incorporation is required before opening a commercial business bank account.

Consider domestic banking for your current and future development of global business interest in Venezuela. Banking in the capital city of Caracas offers a number of bank branches in the city and around the country. The number of international banks in Venezuela is relatively small; however, a foreign presence is growing in the area. Banks in Venezuela mainly conduct business in Spanish. English services are not always readily or widely available. By understanding Venezuelan banking rules and the economy, you can successfully manage your financial investments as you conduct business.

Review the following criteria when banking in Venezuela:

1. Compare at least three different banks in Venezuela before opening a business or personal account.

2. Obtain the required visa and incorporate your company before seeking to open an account with Venezuelan commercial banks.

3. Search out services offered by global banks in Venezuela.

Look for investment opportunities with commercial banks in Venezuela

Government websites, business reports and finance websites can give you an understanding of banking history in Venezuela. Investigate banking trends and areas of financial concerns before investing your money.

Match your business needs with services offered by Venezuelan banks

There are a number of banks with options for foreign currency exchange and investing. Many banks offer online access to bank accounts and banking by phone.

Choose American banks for easy access to your funds

International banking in Venezuela offers a secure location to open and access accounts outside the country. Contact each bank individually, as governmental regulations may limit the services they offer.
  • If you're not fluent in Spanish, the use of an interpreter can help avoid problems when banking in Venezuela.
  • Choose a stable bank and carefully monitor current news and conditions in the area to get the most out of Venezuelan commercial banks.

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