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A barcode verifying scanner checks the quality of your barcodes and grades a barcode's quality. This ensures that your barcodes ...

A barcode verifying scanner checks the quality of your barcodes and grades a barcode's quality. This ensures that your barcodes meet industry standards and are readable by your distributors.

Using barcode verifying equipment after manufacturing has become a widespread practice. Some barcode verifiers can scan many barcodes a second or come mounted for assembly line needs. A few even scan all industry registered barcodes online and check for consistency. Businesses looking to implemente barcode verifiers or a barcode scanning system should consider the following:

1. How many barcodes the verifier must be able to scan.

2. What kind of environment the barcode verifying equipment will operate in.

3. Decide whether you'd like to use traditional barcode verification techniques or ANSI/ISO.

Decide what features are essential to your business practices

An online UPC barcode verifier checks codes online to ensure code compliance, while others provide a quick pass or fail for spot checking. If your business outputs thousands of barcodes a day you may need a model that scans faster or integrates with your shipment systems. If price is a factor, check out online barcode verifiers prices at discount websites.

Make sure your barcode verifying equipment reads UPC barcodes or pick up a UPC barcode verifier

Depending on the model you select, UPC barcodes are not always readable by barcode verifiers, so you may need separate equipment to ensure they are read. Check which formats are supported by your model and make a barcode verifier comparison before you buy one. It may be cheaper to buy a small UPC code verifier along with one that reads barcodes, rather than finding one that does both.

Make sure that the barcode verifier equipment manufacturer updates firmware on a regular basis

Occasionally, industry standards change and your barcode verifier will require updated parameters. It's important to know that the company will upgrade their products to keep up with the times. Buying from established companies can help keep the risk of lackluster support minimal.

  • Provide a sample of your barcodes to manufacturers to see what type of barcode verifying scanner they recommend. They can help you choose the perfect make and model for your needs and provide insight into the kind of features you should expect in their products.

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