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Basalt Stone Pricing and Costs

Sandy Baker

Explore the costs associated with basalt stone

Basalt stone pricing and costs are often specific to the type of stone used. Tiles, for example, are often much more expensive than slabs, since they are more refined. It is critical for buyers to invest some time in considering products, needs and manufacturers to get the best price available.

Basalt rock is used for indoor and outdoor flooring. Consider the following when looking for an appropriate product:

1. Choose polished basalt stones for elegant finishes, but note it is priced significantly higher than raw material.

2. Request samples from basalt slab suppliers to compare quality, a key determinant of price.

3. Shop locally for the best prices on basalt slabs, since shipping costs for significant amounts will be high.

Select basalt stone for massage parlors and spas based on size and price

Basalt rock for sale may be specific for use in salons and massage parlors. In these instances, the size of the stones often makes the largest difference in price. In addition, the way in which the stones will be used plays a role in pricing. Options include pedicure, walking and deep tissue stones, for example. Stones are sold in sets ranging from five to 30 or more. They can also be purchased individually. Prices range from $30 up to several hundred dollars for larger sets.

Obtain a quote for basalt tiles and slabs

Basalt floor tiles and slabs are so unique, individual pricing is often required. Businesses can get pricing information directly from the manufacturers or distributors on a per project basis. Requesting a quote is the simplest method of learning the cost of the product offered. Stones may be priced per pound. In this case, costs range from 20 cents up to several dollars per pound. Individual tiles may be priced per piece. Prices range from $10 per tile up to $24 per tile. Costs range widely.

Invest in custom stone basalt

A variety of shapes and finished products can be created from basalt. Price is often dependent on the finished product. Customization is possible, though it does add more to the cost. This is dependent on the finished project. Basalt materials may be carved into columns, statues, unique tiles and stones. The more customized the finished product is, the higher the cost will be. Expect to pay between 10% and 40% more for customization of the basalt.
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Sandy Baker