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Salesforce is being accepted by businesses around the world because it comes with a unique yet practical idea, and it makes jobs easier.

Salesforce is currently the fastest growing CRM in the world.

The reason why Salesforce is being accepted by businesses around the world is because it comes with a unique yet practical idea, and it makes the jobs of business owners and authorities easier.

Previously, companies had to buy software from other companies to manage the data of their customers and employees.

Software was very expensive and required installation on each and every system in the company.

This took time, and compatibility issues made the whole process so long that you had to get frustrated from it.

With Salesforce you are using a CRM in the cloud. In cloud means that your CRM is not actually installed on your computer but the company Salesforce has it on its servers and you gain access to the CRM through a web interface.

This gives you the freedom of using the CRM without ever worrying about its updates, patching and maintenance that literally results in expenses of millions of dollars.

When you start using Salesforce for your company you will need to learn a few things through complete Salesforce training so you can make the most of this amazing CRM. Here is a tutorial to help you with profiles.

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How to Open the Tasks

When you log in to your Salesforce account in the first part of your Salesforce training on tasks you will need to know how you can open the tasks when you sign in to you Salesforce account for the first time. You will get an overview of not only your campaigns and progress but your tasks, events and performance information as well.

You create tasks in the software so you can complete them within the specified duration and then keep an eye on how successful you are at managing your tasks.

  • Open your Salesforce’s home page and navigate down to see the “Today’s Tasks” section.
  • You can also open the tasks from the left hand side vertical ribbon with small icons for every section on it.
  • Look at the fourth icon on the left side with a list and “tick” mark. Click on it to open the task section on the software.

How to Create a New Task

Of course, now you will need to know how you can create a new task. When you have opened the tasks section on your software from the left hand vertical ribbon, you will have to add a task.

Here are the steps you will need to do in order to add a new task on your platform:

  • Open the tasks section from the left hand vertical ribbon on your home page.
  • On the left side you will have a list of your tasks and on the right hand side you have a preview of every task you click on.
  • Above the “preview” section of your tasks you will see a button that says “new task”. Click on this button to add a new task.
  • This will open up a separate window on your screen where you will have to give a subject to your task, mention the due date, choose the person it will be assigned to, comments etc.
  • Once you have provided all the information on this window you can press on the “save” button located at the bottom.
  • If you don’t want to add a task you can choose to click on the “cancel” button.

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How to Edit an Existing Task

At times you will need to make changes to the task that you have already created as part of your Salesforce training or because you have to. Maybe you want to change the person you had assigned the task to or you just want to make changes to the due date of the task.

Here is how you will edit the existing task:

  • Open tasks from the left hand side on your home page. It’s the fourth icon with a bulleted design and a tick mark.
  • On the left hand side, you have a list of tasks you have created on your salesforce platform.
  • On left hand side of each task you can see a box that can be selected. Selecting this box will strike through your task.
  • Clicking on the task will provide you a preview of this task on the right hand side.
  • On the right hand side in the preview section you will see three options: edit, delete and edit comments.
  • Press on edit and make the changes you want to make and be sure to press save before exiting.

How to Check Modification Details on the Task

During your Salesforce training you will also have to demonstrate who can see the information on who created the task and who made modifications to the task last. This feature is very important because in case there is a mistake in the task, you can see who made that mistake.

Here’s how you can check that information:

  • Open the task section from the right hand side vertical ribbon on your home page.
  • On the tasks’ main page select the task you want to see the information on by clicking on it from the list on the left hand side.
  • Now there is a preview of this task on your right hand side. Sometimes it takes time to load the preview on the right hand side. Make sure to check the title of the task in the preview section on top to avoid making changes to the wrong task.
  • After the preview of the right task has opened, take your mouse pointer to the preview area.
  • Scroll down while keeping the mouse pointer in the preview section. This will bring you down on your task.
  • Right at the bottom of the task you will see “system information” heading. Under this heading you can see the information on who created the task and who made changes on the task last.

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It will also be time saving during your Salesforce training to tell your employees that some changes can be made without opening the task. In the preview section you will see a downward pointing arrow right beside “edit comments” option. Clicking on this arrow gives you shortcut options to modify the due date, priority and status of the task.


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