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Best iPhone and Android Apps for Business Owners

By Business.com Editorial Staff
Business.com / Mobile / Last Modified: March 16, 2017

Make your iPhone or Android smartphone even better business tools with the right apps.

Running or launching a business is intense and can be all-consuming. So, for those days when you're not in the office or deadlines are looming and you're pulling an all-nighter, mobile apps play a vital role in getting things done efficiently. Let's take a look at some of the best mobile apps for Apple and Android for business owners.

Google Apps

Google's G Suite apps, including Drive, Docs and Sheets are all separate apps, but as they make up one cohesive file and productivity suite, we've put them all under one listing. You can access, edit, create and share files, folders and documents from any internet-connected device, making it particularly easy to switch between desktop and mobile as necessity dictates. If you need to work with others on the same project, simply share the file link, set appropriate permissions and anyone you invite can work in the same document at the same time, with everyone seeing changes as they occur.

Microsoft Office

If your business relies heavily on Microsoft for creating and editing files, then the Microsoft Office app is essential. It lets you create, edit, open and send compatible file types and no longer requires an active subscription to Office 365. Many business users prefer this app over Apple's iWork suite due to its versatility and ease of use, and the fast, easy cloud storage.

Adobe Reader

A dedicated PDF reader is fairly important for most business owners, particularly those who come across contracts, technical manuals and other PDF files on a regular basis. With the Adobe Reader app, you can you can view and sign documents and, for those of you who create PDFs or have company documentation in PDF format, you can leave comments and make edits on individual files. If you connect the app to an Adobe account, you get access to more features, including the ability to export PDFs into other file formats.


If you need a way for teams to communicate, Slack is a smart option, as it can be deployed on desktop and mobile. This reliable messaging service also allows you to share files and has DropBox integration. It's simple and straightforward and lets you stay abreast of what's happening within your team even while you're not on location.


Skype is undeniably useful for messaging, calling, video conferencing and sharing files and photos. And, if you purchase Skype numbers, it's a great way of having business calls on your mobile device, without callers having to dial a mobile number, helping you maintain a professional appearance.


SmartUp is an outstanding business app for those new to entrepreneurship. It provides succinct educational models that, when combined with the quizzes, games and case studies, help you grasp fundamental business topics. You get advice and mentoring from successful business founders and investors and you can join the thriving community of business owners and founders using the app. Topics covered include financing, scaling, market research, marketing, sales, development, innovation and entrepreneurship, among others.


Running or dialing into a virtual meeting from your mobile can be a complete nightmare. However, if you need to hold a small meeting, with up to four people, including yourself, Room is a great choice. You simply grab a "room" from the app, then share the meeting link with up to three other people. Once all your participants arrive, hold your meeting. It's that simple.

Photo credit: Shutterstock

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