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Ships’ Masters and the shipping departments of many companies are required to provide a bill of lading, which is a contract or ...

Ships’ Masters and the shipping departments of many companies are required to provide a bill of lading, which is a contract or agreement which acknowledges the receipt of specific goods. In addition to identifying the goods received, a straight bill of lading will also note where the location to which the goods will be shipped and, in some cases, when the goods are expected to arrive.

Because these forms are legally binding contracts, it is important they be written accurately, professionally and effectively. For proper bill of lading education and training, consider the following valuable options:

1. Investigate class options for constructing a bill of lading form. Relevant classes will discuss how to accomplish this important task.

2. Find assistance for writing a bill of lading contract from online bill of lading tutorials and templates or sample bill of lading forms.

3. Glean advice and assistance from bill of lading support sites, which can answer a person’s questions regarding the necessities of such contracts and agreements, the best wording for a bill of lading form and other related concerns.

Enroll in classes designed to assist individuals in the writing of a bill of lading contract

Whether you want to write a uniform bill of lading or a surrender bill of lading, there are online courses designed to help you. For beginners as well as those who are more educated when it comes to a bill of lading, online classes can provide a solid foundation and more advanced tips and ideas for these important documents.
Skyline College offers a number of courses based in business with an underlying concentration on importing and exporting procedures, including bills of lading. Bay Area International Logistics offers similar business classes with coverage of how to write and understand bills of lading.

Utilize tutorials to provide tips for a bill of lading form and find bill of lading template sites

Tutorials and template sites can help immensely when it comes to the creation of a bill of lading contract. Both of these types of websites can assist individuals in learning how to construct such an agreement and how it should look in the end.
Transnet-Rating offers a tutorial for composing a bill of lading using their software program. Straight bill of lading, ocean bill of landing and more examples of bills of lading can be found at

Become aware of bill of lading support sites when you have a specific question or concern

There are many issues that may come up in the construction of a bill of lading. For assistance in answering specific concerns about bill of lading forms, consider visiting one of the many available and valuable bill of lading document support or help sites.
Frequently asked questions and bill of lading support is found at a number of online websites. Some of these sites include the FindLaw website and Questions and comments about bills of landing can be posted at
  • There are many different bill of lading form options available to businesses and companies. Companies will have to decide between an electronic bill of lading and a physical bill of lading. In addition, variables include the option of writing up a uniform bill of lading or a generic bill of lading to be filled out as the need arises, or constructing a negotiable bill of lading for future potential alterations. Many companies may opt to utilize different bill of lading forms in different situations, but it is important to be aware of all options and possibilities to better address the issue of what your company will choose when the situation arises. After all, preparation is key in virtually every field.

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