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How to Boost Affiliate Sales During the Holiday Season

Thomas Griffin
Thomas Griffin
President and CTO at OptinMonster

One way to increase sales this holidays season is via affiliate marketing.

It's hard to believe that the holiday season is here again, yet here we are. Black Friday shoppers are starting to scope out the latest deals, and people all over the world are looking to buy gifts for friends and family. 

Business owners are preparing their big promotions, and many are also looking at alternate revenue streams, like affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply a transaction where a consumer buys products from another business via your website or unique link, and you make a profit off of each sale. 

Ideally, your affiliate partnerships should focus on your niche but not cut into your sales. So, an email marketing software company might partner with a hosting company because their products work together. 

If you're thinking about pursuing affiliate marketing for a significant profit margin this holiday season, we are going to help you get started. Today, we will look at several strategies you can use to boost affiliate sales on your website. 

Create a holiday gift guide

You can make a ton of revenue in affiliate sales through your company blog. An impressive 77% of internet users read blog posts, so there's a good chance that website visitors will see the partner products or services you’re offering. 

One excellent way to compile a variety of affiliates into one post is with a holiday gift guide. When people are looking to shop during the holidays, they usually buy a variety of things at once to save time and money. 

Compiling some of the best affiliate products you can find into one post will get readers engaged in your site and what you're offering. The key is to bring your signature brand identity to your guide. You never want your descriptions to sound inauthentic or forced. 

Including pictures and videos of you using the different items offered is a great way to sell the product to your readers. If they see you using and enjoying the thing you're describing, they are more likely to click through and buy the item themselves. In fact, 60% of targeted customers are likely to buy something after reading a blog post about it! 

Run a giveaway

Online giveaways are another way to get more affiliate sales during the holiday season. You may be wondering how giving away something for free can help you make more direct sales. It all comes down to strategy. 

Most affiliate partnerships include a discount for your readers. So, if someone uses your link, they can get a 10, 20, and even 30% discount based on your rapport with the partner. 

Before you put an affiliate product on your website, you may want to consider asking the partner for something as a part of your giveaway. Otherwise, you can buy it yourself and use it to get your money back and more. 

Once you create your contest, take to social media, and promote it to your followers. Include links on your blog, so everyone knows about the event. After it's over, announce the winner, and give out the prize. 

Here's where the strategy comes into play. You can now contact the people who participated in the event and give them your link with a special discount. Keep in mind that not everyone will click-through and buy something from the partner brand, but some will. 

Promote personalized offers using email

Email marketing is a strategy you can’t afford to miss out on during the holiday season. Consumers are frequently checking their emails for the latest deals so they can plan their shopping trips all the way up until the end of December. 

The best way to promote your affiliate sponsorships through email is to segment your list. Segmentation is the process of dividing your leads up based on their interests and buying habits. Use this information to figure out what kind of affiliates will click with your various segments. 

For example, if a pet food company ended up with a sponsorship from a business that makes cat toys, they may have an affiliate code for cat scratching stands. A smart affiliate marketer will segment their email users based on what kind of animal food they’ve bought in the past. 

The next step is to create email copy that promotes the new cat scratcher and send it to your audience segments that recently purchased cat food. This type of targeting can help you dramatically improve sales, with personalized emails getting a whopping 26% more opens. 

Share educational and entertaining videos 

We mentioned earlier that videos can get you plenty of traction on your holiday gift guide, but the truth is, video content can help you grow across all platforms. At this point, 45% of consumers want more video content from brands. If you can meet this need, you can expect to see more sales from your store and profits from your affiliate marketing strategy. 

There are several ways you can introduce holiday-themed video content to your audience. The most common way is, you guessed it, through social media. Billions of people use platforms like Instagram to interact with businesses every day. Sharing festive advertisements and video gift guides can get you more followers and affiliate sales. Just don’t forget to include your affiliate links in the description of your video. 

You can also get more engagement on your channels by creating partnership videos with influencers and other brands. When companies make videos together, their audiences tend to mix between channels. 

As you attract new followers with these partner videos, many will not be ready to buy your product or service. However, some could benefit from one of your affiliate deals. Using this strategy, you can secure more traffic to your website, affiliate sales, and, perhaps, potential customers.  

Monitor your metrics

Finally, you should track your on-site and social media metrics throughout the holiday season. You can learn a lot about what kind of affiliate products your audience wants to see by monitoring how they interact with your various offers. 

We suggest tracking the link clicks from each company and how many results in a sale. If you know how people engage with the offers, you can make smarter decisions on the fly, which could translate to more sales.

Let's say you have two sponsors, and one is vastly outperforming the other. In this situation, you can work out a schedule where you prioritize posts. So, you would want to promote one of your more profitable affiliates during the week of Black Friday because you know it works from looking at the numbers. 

Affiliate marketing is a great side hustle for business owners and can be a fantastic career on its own. The best way to improve your sales, especially during the holiday season, is to connect with your target audience and deliver content and products relevant to their lives. 

If you're able to form this connection and show great deals on helpful products, you'll have no problem increasing your affiliate sales, all while potentially gaining new customers. You can continue nurturing these prospects because you were able to connect because of an affiliate partner. 

Spend time creating high-quality blog content and videos to give new visitors a reason to stay on your site after their purchase, and you can expect to see significant business growth during the most profitable time of the year. 

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