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Tap for Improvement: Boost Productivity This Summer With These 8 Hot New Apps

By Brian D. Evans
Business.com / Mobile / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Unless you can multitask hundreds of things at a time, then having an arsenal of apps to aid in your entrepreneurial journey is crucial.

Unless you are one of those people who can multitask hundreds of things at a time, then having an arsenal of incredible apps to aid in your entrepreneurial journey is crucial.

I have put together an arsenal of these apps that will aid your busy life this summer.

1. Vea Fitness

I use technology and apps to outsource other areas of my life, so I don’t have to think about it. Fitness is one of them. 

One of the most challenging parts of being an entrepreneur is balancing other areas of your life while you are on your hustle. Vea Fitness has found a way to gamify working out. You literally earn rewards as you go and it keeps you engaged and incentivized to keep working out.

"Vea Fitness is the app that rewards your workouts with discounts and free gear, from top retailers like Saucony and New Balance as well as deals at your local storefronts.” - Jonathan Maxim, Founder, Vea Fitness

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2. Inigo App

You never know who you will meet along your journeys. You might even make new contacts sitting at the local coffee shop. Speaking of new contacts, when you meet new business contacts on your summer adventures you surely are going to want to have a way to get in touch with them later.

Inigo App gives you an excellent way to store the contact information of anyone you meet with digital business cards and handshake-to-CRM technology.

"Inigo has helped more than 190,000 people impress the people they meet with simple, clickable, digital business card -and for the first time ever, Inigo is making business cards a collaborative experience.” - Andrew Amann, Co-Founder, Inigo App

3. Brabble

In the spirit of being more social, expanding your reach and meeting new friends and business contacts, I hope you have heard of Brabble. Brabble is the social media app of the future. The app provides more ways to interact and communicate than any other social media app.

Instead of being limited to one form of communication, Brabble gives you everything all in one app. This is the new social app that every entrepreneur needs to get on immediately.

"Brabble is at the forefront of technology with an unbelievably interactive platform, where users communicate with Video, Audio, Picture & Text, while having the ability to buy and sell goods and services with our revolutionary, patent pending revenue model." - Pat Mackaronis Founder & CEO, Brabble

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4. Wave

While you are out networking and meeting new people, you might find yourself wanting to hold larger events and meet ups. The Wave app gives you an excellent way of doing just that. Wave is the new social network for events. When you create a Wave, you can chat, share photos and details and see who is attending your event all in one place. You can join and share waves with your friends and discover what they’re doing.

"Wave makes your social life come alive on mobile.” - Scott Army, Wave Co-Founder

5. Localeur

I don’t know about you but when I am traveling (for business and pleasure) I like to eat a good meal with my friends and business partners. Localeur is a recommendation app that is perfect for the busy entrepreneur. Locals give recommendations on where to eat, drink and play.

You can save tons of time by getting a recommendation from a local consumer. Localeur’s social voting method provides a less manipulated experience than is found on review sites.

"Whether you consider summer the ideal time to plant seeds for fall fundraising or to take a vacation, Localeur is an app that entrepreneurs should think of as a local friend wherever you go. From the best coffee shops to the perfect happy hour locales, Localeur curates recommendations exclusively from locals on the best places in over 25 cities in America. It's available for free download on the App Store and Google Play. “ - Joah Spearman, Localeur Co-Founder and CEO

6. Speshio

Speshio is an app that provides private group motivation. It's a great way to stay in contact with friends, colleagues, or even clients when you're enjoying summer. "Speshio gives you a place to privately share more personal content with your close knit groups. Being a startup entrepreneur isn't easy, but you can feel confident sharing support, motivation, triumphs, and challenges with your groups on Speshio.”” - Stephanie Slatt, Speshio Founder and CEO

7. Everipedia

Everipedia is launching their mobile version with a grand vision of taking on Wikipedia. Founded by "the Kanye West of Silicon Valley” aka Mahbod Moghadam. Mahbod was also the co-founder of RapGenius. The app is quickly becoming a major contender.

"Everipedia is building the Wikipedia for the modern Internet. We allow more information, more pages, and have a better user interface than Wikipedia and tackle the innate bias of Wikipedia's ‘legitimacy' rule.” - George Beall, Everipedia Co-Founder

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8. Tradeversity

When the end of summer rolls around a lot of young entrepreneurs head to universities. If you or anyone you know is in this boat, you should check out Tradeversity. Tradeversity provides a great way to get everything on demand that you would possibly need while on campus, without ever leaving campus.

"With Tradeversity, we are helping students make more money and save more money on campus. Whether it’s trying to find items you need for the school year such as textbooks or furniture, or trying to make some extra cash to go to that show on the weekend; Tradeversity provides a student-exclusive local marketplace where students can find what they need without ever having to leave campus. We like to say we are the sharing economy platform for college campuses.” - Michael Meyers, Tradeversity Co-Founder and CEO

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