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4 Ways to Improve Your Instagram ROI

Jared Atchison
Jared Atchison
Co-Founder at WPForms

One billion people use the social network. Here's how to create a winning strategy.

Here is how you can easily increase your ROI with your Instagram marketing strategy.

Many people use Facebook and Twitter as a means to promote their business. Despite the popularity of the previous social platforms, Instagram is right up there in the big leagues when it comes to advertising.

There are over 1 billion users on Instagram, and 57 percent of those people log on every single day. Obviously, these people have their eyes on their smartphones or computers daily, making them ideal targets for your marketing campaign.

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The end game is to provide an excellent service to customers and secure an awesome return on investment of your Instagram advertising. Here's how you can increase your ROI with ease when using Instagram.

Track your influencers.

In most cases, companies have influencers to help them promote their product. To get a good return on your investment, you have to follow the statistics on all of your influencers individually.

When you're providing an influencer with a link, make it unique. If you have 10 influencers, give each of them a unique click-through link. As a result, you can track all 10 links individually in your marketing plan.

When you use this method, you're able to determine which influencers are giving you a good ROI and which ones are costing you money. If you can cut your influencers in half based on the click-throughs they get, you can increase your return and save some cash.

Secure a spot on the Explore Page.

Instagram has a page full of user-ranked popular images and content. If you can get on the Explore page, your ROI can increase substantially. So the question arises, how does a business get on the Explore page?

The main way to get on this page is to use popular hashtags. If you type hashtags into Instagram, they will tell you how many people used that hashtag, which you can then use as a measure of popularity.

Once you've gauged the popularity of hashtags, hop on over to the Explore page and see what's there. Try to find things that you can relate to your niche or use in a more general sense. For example, if you're looking for a general hashtag, you may want to use something like #MotivationMonday on Mondays.

Consider using Instagram Story Ads.

A few years ago, Instagram introduced a new Stories feature. Instagram Story Ads lets users create small ads that blend seamlessly within content being shown on the platform.

Instagram boasts that 50 percent of businesses on the platform use stories, and one in five get direct responses from consumers.

While those statistics are general, you can increase your chances of getting a return on your investment by using the earlier tip of targeting specific audiences.

When you use the Stories feature, Instagram gives you full access to the analytics so you can view your click-throughs and results in real time. You're then able to make changes on the fly and ensure you get the best return on your investment.

Promote a contest.

There is no quicker way to get the attention of an audience than by offering something for free. People will happily like, share and follow your business if you run a contest.

You don't have to offer hundreds of dollars in free products either. If you hold a simple contest offering something like a $50 dollar gift card, that's all it takes. If you already have an established following, you will see your return on that gift card soar.

Many businesses get thousands of shares and follows in exchange for the chance to win a prize. If you use this method, publicly announce the winner and give them a chance to respond by tagging them in the post. This builds your authenticity and involves more people in future contests.


Instagram is becoming one of the top tools for marketers around the world. Now is your chance to dive in and see why people are turning to Instagram for their marketing needs.

As you're developing your marketing plan, you will have to make adjustments to increase your ROI. Carefully monitor your analytics so you can tell what's working, what needs a little tweak and what you should stop doing.

Every business is different and has a unique audience they are trying to target. Take your time and explore these different methods in order to make the most of your marketing on one of the biggest social media platforms today.

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