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Bots, Automation, and the Future of B2B Sales and Engagement

Zac Johnson
Zac Johnson

Your competition is likely using automation, why aren't you?

The future is changing, and if you don't change along with it ... well, you and your business might not be around to experience it. In the beginning, the web was a static place, full of HTML websites and one-sided conversations. Then, web 2.0 and social media came into play and changed everything. Now the tides are changing again, and this time it's about automation and how bots are changing the way businesses and brands engage, interact, and conduct business with their audience and customers.

If you aren't currently using automation and bots within your marketing and customer management, you are missing out big time. Not only are such methods being used to lower costs and increase conversions, they are improving the customer experience. And if you think bots, chatbots and automation are only for B2C, then you would be wrong about that theory as well. For example, chatbots are completely changing the way employees and businesses communicate with each other while improving productivity and scalability in the workplace. At the same time, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) bots are making data research and lead generation a whole lot easier.

To provide you with some examples and actionable tips on how to start using bots and automation within your business, work life or company, be sure to check out each of the solutions below.


When looking to scale and automate the marketing and sales process, there is simply no better way to cut corners and increase ROI than with automation and an AI bot helping along the way. Customer support and lead generation is something that can be mastered, as the marketing and support questions are usually the same.

With such elements in play, Growbots has created an effective way to put a bot to use with your business. One of the most time-consuming aspects of a business is the manual prospecting and outreach process to acquire new leads. Growbots has access to over 200 million decision makers, and gives users the ability to create contact lists within minutes, while only focusing on the best lead targets and customers possible. This information is all gathered from 15 different sources, which also allows for the sorting of targets based on industry, company size, location, job position and more.


With everyone so addicted to their mobile devices and text messaging various people throughout the day, wouldn't it be nice if this same option was available for employees and team members within a company?

Spoke has created a chatbot just for that, and more. Sticking with the same mentality that people are more prone to text someone versus picking up the phone or sending an email, chatbots are key to fulfilling customer engagement and product orders as well as providing customer support. 

The science behind Spoke and why it has become such a useful chatbot is the AI that powers it. Instead of always having a person-to-person connection, the bot will attempt to answer all questions on its own. Should the answer to a question be too specific or not available, the question will then be routed to the right person or department for a response.


With more than a billion active users on Facebook, wouldn't it be great if there was a chatbot built specifically for connecting with audiences and customers through the popular social platform? If you've ever wanted to create a chatbot through Facebook using their guidelines and tutorials, you probably found it to be quite the complicated and frustrating experience.

A faster, cleaner and better way to start using chatbots with Facebook, is through the use of ChattyPeople, a chatbot that allows for the scheduling of Facebook posts, creating campaigns and even adding products to the social platform. In addition to everything mentioned, ChattyPeople has built-in order placement and a checkout system that allows for ordering right through the bot.

Increase your business ROI and productivity with bots and automation

As we continue to see more websites, businesses, and brands adapt bots and automation into their customer support, lead generation, and everyday business, it's only a matter of time before we see and connect with such implementations in our own lives on a daily basis. It's no longer a question of if and how you can start using such technology to power and grow your business but simply a question of when.

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