Mari Minute: Breaking Down Facebook's Upgraded Tracking Pixel / Business Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Today we answer the question: "Can you explain the new Facebook conversion tracking pixel, and can we use it on multiple web pages?"

When it goes to marketing, if you're not tracking your results, consider your efforts fruitless.

Facebook knows how important this is, so they created pixels. But pixels are much more than just tracking, and that brings us to this week's question from Morena Koleva: "Can you explain the new Facebook conversion tracking pixel, and can we use it on multiple web pages?"

A Short Facebook Pixel History

Previously, Facebook employed two different pixels: a retargeting pixel and a conversion pixel. The retargeting pixel, or the Custom Audience pixel, allowed you to serve ads to your website visitors on Facebook. The conversion pixel was  used to track your ad's performance. 

About five months ago, Facebook decided to combine the two to create one new, powerful pixel.

They explain their new pixel: "The Facebook pixel combines the power of the conversion pixel and the Custom Audience pixel into a single pixel. You can now use the Facebook pixel to measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns, and no longer need to implement the conversion pixel and Custom Audience pixel."

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Using The Pixel on Your Website

This powerful new little tool can be used on any number of webpages to track performance and target your various audiences through Facebook's Ad Manager and Custom Audiences feature.

Facebook marketing is much more powerful thanks to the pixel, and help to create a well-rounded marketing plan that goes well beyond Facebook alone. Your goal should be to convert your Facebook audience into members of your email list, and eventually, turn them into repeat customers. 

Tune in next week for our tenth and final episode of #MariMinute!

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