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5 Reasons Business Owners Should Still Use Snail Mail

Business.com / Last Modified: May 10, 2017
Photo credit: Shutterstock / Andrey_Popov

Less mail means more opportunity for you to stand out. Consider these specific reasons for staying true to old-fashioned mail services.

Years ago, when people wanted to get in touch with long-distance relatives and pen pals in other countries, they would hand write a letter and send it by snail mail. Businesses used to send all of their customers correspondence like "thank you" notes and sales notifications by snail mail, as well.

These days, everything is so digitized that hardly anyone uses the old-fashioned mailing system anymore. A recent statistical report from the USPS stated that snail mail deliveries had decreased more than 27 percent over the past nine years. Because of the massive decline, direct mail could be an untapped gold mine strategy for your business.

Here's why:

1. There's zero competition

Unlike with email marketing, you won't have to worry about every sleazy spam haggler and fantasy peddler cluttering up your target's inbox. A majority of the businesses have gone digital and simply abandoned good old-fashioned mail delivery. Everyday people have resorted to sending their holiday cards and other items by email, as well. The letter that you send to your potential or existing customer through direct mail may just be the only letter that person gets.

2. You're less likely to get filtered out

Email users have high-tech spam filters in their boxes now. You can confidently send your prospect a letter and believe that it will at least get to his box if you use regular mail. That in itself is a great reason to revert to old-school tactics.

3. Customers are likely to read it

Customers are likely to read your advertisements if they aren't mixed in with hundreds of Hollywood news stories and super-tweets. In fact, the recipients may just enjoy reading your lonesome piece of mail at the dinner table. Having worked in the world of online marketing, I can tell you from experience that most people don't even read the majority of marketing messages they get. This reason alone is big in itself.

4. You have more creative freedom

You have less restrictions when you use the physical mail instead of the digital mail. You don't have to worry about file size or the way that you express your message. All you have to do is create killer ads and promotional documents and put a little stamp on them.

5. It can increase sales in your physical location

Pitching to your clients using regular mail may prompt them to come into your store. You can take the opportunity to boast about an amazing upcoming sales event at your firm. You can even put an additional note in your message about an "in store only" promotion. Boosting the sales at your physical location will help you to earn more money so that you can continue to pay the people who work in the stores.

It's not hard to get started with direct mail marketing. Personally, I've worked with PS Print for several years now. Whether you opt to send postcards, catalogs, letters or other direct mail services, it's important to at least give it a try.

Who knows, you might just create your highest ROI marketing campaign to date!

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