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Build a Trustworthy Brand Using a Creative Domain Name

Business.com / Customers / Last Modified: November 13, 2017
Photo credit: Pop Paul-Catalin/Shutterstock

Coming up with an original name for your online business or brand isn't easy. Discover how these brands found unique names and gained the trust of their audience in the process.

With more than a billion active websites and blogs on the internet today, it's likely that any generic or simplistic domain names relating to your brand or business name are already taken. The good news is that if you are creative, you can still come up with a great idea for your brand and establish it as an authority within its space.

Below are three different online businesses and brands that have been able to use a domain name that's quite creative while also targeting their exact audience in the process. After reading through these examples, you should be inspired by new and creative ideas on how to better name and brand your business online.


When it comes to investing money and branding, few niche markets are more competitive than that of jewelry and diamonds. There are also many creative ways companies in this space have come up with marketing their brands or using catchy slogans in their commercials to make the process of buying diamonds memorable. After all, they are a girl's best friend.

In the case of RockHer, the company not only has a creative brand and domain name that is fun and catchy, but it has created the world's only AI-enhanced digital gemologist, ROSI. When it comes to targeting a demographic audience that is ready to pay up to six figures on a diamond purchase, you need all the branding and creativity you can get.


Just like how the business of buying and selling diamonds is one that is likely going to be around forever, so is the industry of weddings and planning for such events. The Knot has established itself as a major player and resource for information in this space as well.

While there are many wedding services and businesses focused on planning and catering these events in the world, The Knot has remained as one of the most trusted sources for wedding information and guidance on the internet today. 


One of the fastest and most exciting online businesses lately is monthly subscription boxes. While the concept is nothing new, the creativity that comes with each of them is. It's not just about finding a concept for what you can deliver to your audience on a monthly basis, it's also about what you will be shipping them, how customers perceive the value of the service and what the branding of your product is going to be.

Fairy Loot, for example, is a monthly subscription box service that provides fairy books and gifts to their subscribers. Many other box subscriptions are already using the "loot" phrase to get creative and build a brand and following of their own. While the name is a key part of the branding process, it's the actual service and customer feedback that provides legitimacy and success for many of these monthly subscription box businesses.

How to Come Up with a Creative Brand Name of Your Own

As you can imagine, if you haven't already searched for a domain name to match your business or brand, you might be surprised at how many are actually taken. At the same time, just refer to any of the examples above to see how some companies were able to come up with a creative, memorable name.

The good news is that there are quite a few domain name generation tools that can help you come up with a great name for your brand or business. Simply plug in a few target keywords and let the tool get to work for you.

However, it's extremely important to take action today. A domain name that is available right now likely won't be around in the coming weeks or months, no matter how creative it is.

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