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Ready to Hire? How to Build a Strong Team

Whitney Sanchez
Whitney Sanchez

Here's what to keep in mind to build a strong team

You have started your own construction business and now you are ready to hire employees. To keep your small business operating at peak performance and efficiency, it's vital that you hire skilled and trustworthy employees. Here are some important things to keep in mind when building a strong team. 

Decide on part-time and full-time employees

Depending on the size of your business, you will probably have a combination of full-time and part-time employees making up your staff. This can include administrative employees and outdoor laborers.

Consider your current projects and workflow before hiring any employees. You do not want to pay more for a full-time worker if you do not have the demand, and, conversely, you do not want to overwhelm part-time staff. Another option is that you can hire contractors for specific projects so you do not have employees on staff during slow times. 

Selecting management

Your foreman or construction manager is the cornerstone of your project’s lifecycle. The manager is in charge of working with outside vendors and ensuring that construction crews stay on schedule and within budget.

To find the best construction manager, look for an experienced employee who has a proven track record with managing complicated construction projects and completing projects on time and within budget. Your candidate should also have strong communication skills and work well under pressure and deadlines.

Find a crew

After you have hired your construction manager, it is time to find your construction crew. It is best to work hand in hand with your manager, since your manager will be working closely with crew members and may have experience finding skilled workers. An experienced manager may even have construction workers that he or she can recommend to you. 

When selecting your crew, experience isn’t necessary, though some skills, like painting, carpentry or electrical experience, are invaluable. If workers do not have construction experience, get references from former employers or even teachers to vouch for their work ethic. References can also help you explore a potential employee’s dependability and personality, which will be important components when working as part of a construction team.

Other staff

With a few workers and part-time team members, you might have all the staff you need. However, a few other roles that you might want to consider filling include an experienced estimator, if you are unfamiliar with estimating projects, and specialty contractors. It is good to keep a list of trustworthy contractors you can contact for advanced projects, like detail work or unfamiliar plumbing jobs.

Hiring the best construction crew and administrative staff has a big impact on your company. If you do not have the best employees, clients will be disappointed with the work your company does. Follow best practices for hiring construction staff to ensure your company is successful.

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