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Things You Need To Change In 2017

Jordan French
Jordan French
at BeeHex, Inc.

Fast 50 entrepreneur Jordan French talks straight on what to change in 2017.

Whether you’re a small business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, there’s probably a chance that you’re looking to get more out of yourself and your business. Because the new year is always symbolic of a fresh start, there’s no better time to make changes to your life. Just a handful of small changes can improve your motivation and creativity, and you could end up making 2017 a better year for yourself and for your business. 

Stop Making Excuses

One of the biggest reasons people don’t make the most out of their business and themselves is that they give themselves excuses.

Excuses should be seen as lies to yourself, and every time you make you end up holding yourself back from your potential. Entrepreneurs know that excuses destroy businesses and ideas, and there’s no successful small business owner who has thrived off excuses.

The first thing you should do in 2017 is stop making excuses to yourself and others. If you really have what it takes to be the owner of your own business, then you need to have confidence in yourself to accomplish anything.

Once you start to see what you can accomplish without excuses, you’ll also be able to build motivation to continue to work hard, and you’ll be encouraged to explore any creative ideas you have regarding your business.

Look For Success

Proactivity is key for entrepreneurs, and it’s shocking that people believe they can succeed without making an effort.

Success almost never falls on people accidentally, so there’s no reason to expect things to work out just because you created a business. Entrepreneurship takes dedication, time and effort, and the most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that they had to go out and earn everything they have.

If you’re putting together a brand new business, try every avenue that’s available. Businesses need to build up a reputation, and you need to make sure that your business is going to succeed.

If you’re a current business owner, you may have found that success isn’t coming as easily as you had hoped. When this happens, it’s important to continue putting in hard work and effort. If you continue to apply pressure, you’ll gradually see an increase in business. Big things don’t always happen overnight, and reaching a new level of success could take months, or possibly even the entire new year.

But making sure that you continue to work toward success is critical. Earning your own success will also help motivate you in the future, and you could end up bringing your business to a level that you would have never expected.

Do Your Research

One thing that entrepreneurs and small business owners often forget is the importance of research. If you do enough research, it’s feasible that even a mediocre business could thrive – the power of metrics cannot be underestimated.

If you are looking to start a business, make sure to do more than enough research before you begin. Research any competitors you might have, the location you might need to use to maximize your business, your target group and what they’re looking for and more.

You’ll also want to research how to start a business. I tell aspiring entrepreneurs that the best way to learn how to start and build a business is to dive in and do it, but you can avoid some common mistakes by researching entrepreneurs who have done it before. While this won’t guarantee smooth sailing for your business, you can avoid some common errors that might set your business back.

If you already have a business, you need to look into your current numbers. Is your business getting the most out of its web presence? Is your social media site underperforming? Maybe your online store seems to be outproducing your real store, or maybe people don’t even know that your business is online. These are all things to consider since you might be missing out on sales.

On the flip side, an area of your business that’s performing well could contain the key to more success. Maybe you’ve cornered a target group that you haven’t been making the most out of. Consumer tastes are always changing, so researching trends can take your business to the next level.

Start Marketing Now

Marketing has become so large and diverse that it almost seems vague to some. However, any form of marketing is better than no marketing at all. As an entrepreneur, the most important thing to do is build a network. Networks can introduce you to investors that are interested in your business, or potential business partners that are looking to start a new company.

Networks are also a great way to build your business. Potential clients are often involved in networks, and if they’re looking for a new business to work with, they’ll likely be tapping into their network. There are plenty of networks both regional and national, and a quick search online can connect you to a group that could help immensely.

Another form of marketing that you have to take advantage of is social media. Social media is always active, and you could potentially gain business without spending a penny on advertising. Sharing blog posts, events and photos on social media will expose your business to hundreds, and possibly thousands, of people. Also, those that share your posts are likely to be interested in your product, and their online network could be as well.

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Jordan French
Jordan French
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Jordan French is a Fast 50 and Inc. 500 serial entrepreneur with five successful ventures ranging from hardware/software to real estate services. Jordan French cofounded and built his first marketing firm to Inc. 500 and Fast-50 rankings. He left to found as CMO the award-winning media darling, BeeHex, Inc. 3D food printing and cofounded "Airbnb police" start up BNB Shield. He serves as the right-hand business builder and marketing strategist for a number of celebrities including FOWNDERS' Gerard Adams, CBS's Walter O'Brien, author Jon Fisher and "Jackson Kid" B. Howard, among others. French is a biomedical engineer by education, earning his engineering degree from Vanderbilt University, and an aerospace engineer by training. He is an intellectual property and litigation attorney with his law degree from Washington University in St. Louis and licenses to practice in New York and Massachusetts. Jordan French is a regular contributor and reporter for a number of publications including Business.com, Medium, Huffington Post, TechCrunch, CIO.com and Tech.co reporting on start-up news and entrepreneur thought leadership.