blogs redesigned, useful content remains number one goal / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Recently, at, we have made massive updates to the look and feel of our main website. We have also redesigned our two...

Recently, at, we have made massive updates to the look and feel of our main website. We have also redesigned our two blogs.

The B2B Online Marketing Blog and what was formally known as the What Works for Business Blog (now simply called the Blog) have both been completely redesigned and moved from subdomains to subdirectories within our domain. With these changes it is our goal to provide a better user experience for our followers, as well as to continue providing useful content for businesses.

In this spirit we now would like to "preach what we practice."

For any small business to get the most out of its company blog and stay a step ahead of the competition, updates to both the functionality and content of their blogs are an integral part of making them tick.

Given that there are countless blogs out there, what will make your company's blog stand out from the competition now and going forward?

Make It Your Business to Effectively Blog

At, we have taken the time to fine-tune our product, including our blogs, to better assist business owners. By doing so, business owners big and small can learn how to make more informed purchasing decisions for their business, improve their company's outreach to consumers, their return on investment (ROI), and the ability to better brand themselves.

Over the last few months, has worked hard to improve the site user experience, while at the same time providing business owners with content to assist them in purchasing decisions and the highest quality leads for advertisers.

One of the many ways assists small business owners is by providing a pair of quality blogs.

The company's B2B Online Marketing blog helps business-to-business marketing professionals attain viable online marketing solutions, providing valuable B2B online marketing tips. The blog provides small business owners with tips on how to effectively run their companies, best utilize employees, and find the best way to grow their businesses.

With a pair of quality blogs that are updated weekly, provides invaluable information to small business owners looking to lead the way in their respective industries.

Why Does Your Company Blog in the First Place?

Business blogs are offered for a variety of reasons, most importantly, to reach out to consumers electronically and provide them with pertinent information in a real-time setting.

So, is your company using a blog to do just that or is your blog inadvertently hurting your SEO performance?

For too many small businesses, they do not effectively utilize their blogs, oftentimes having them prove more harm than good. For a company blog to be a useful tool, it has to provide several constant features.

Among those are:

  • Needs to be constantly updated with proven functionality and strong, fresh content;
  • Needs to be reader-friendly in that it is easy to surf, does not contain a lot of bells and whistles to hinder the viewer experience, and offers real-time interaction with both current and potential customers;
  • Needs to be part of a wider branding program that includes social media and public relations efforts;
  • Needs to encourage visitor feedback. Among the ways to do that is by installing a plugin tool that will highlight some of the top visitors to your blog. The more regular visitors you have to the company blog, the more likely they will pass the word on to their friends and family about your products and services;
  • Needs to provide fresh contact information. Too often when companies change employees, etc. the contact information on their Web sites (including blogs) are not updated. Your company will look like it is not on top of its game if it is not providing updated contact details. Also, having updated contact details allows your customers and those interested in becoming such easier access to your business;
  • Needs to offer powerful headlines with keywords that deliver statements or ask questions. The bottom line is doing so leads to grabbing the reader's attention;
  • Lastly, if you have not already, you need to decide what exactly you are blogging for in the first place. Company blogs can provide valuable information to customers and/or can be used more for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. Some businesses will blog often and utilize a large number of keywords tied to their specialty, with the reasoning behind this being attracting links to the company site to support search engine rankings.

When reading the continuously updated Blog and B2B Online Marketing Blog, small business owners are one step ahead of the competition.

At the end of the day, isn't that what they most want?

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