POS Systems Comparison Guide

Business.com / Financial Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Choosing the right Point-Of-Sale system is an important decision. Our chart breaks down the top 7 POS vendors and the features they offer.

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Choosing the right Point-Of-Sale system is an important decision for any successful business.

Sorting through the various vendors and features can be overwhelming: Do you need a cash drawer? What about a barcode scanner? Receipt printer? Magnetic stripe reader? 

What about software and support? Which system serves your industry best? Will you be able to get on-site training or recorded demos? 

The following chart represents the top seven POS vendors and compares the most important features to consider when buying a POS system for your business. 

Download the Chart and:

  • Get names of the top POS vendors.
  • Learn which industries they support. 
  • Find out how much each bundled station costs. 
  • Know the services and hardware they offer. 
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