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Business Ethics Training

Gwen Helene Kleist

Training in business ethics can pay off in many ways

Promoting a high level of business ethics within your company is good business. That's why business ethics training should be an integral part of your overall employee education program. By providing some form of business ethics classes, your staff may be more likely to embrace corporate responsibility. Having employees attend seminars in business ethics creates other benefits as well. For starters:

  1. A strong business ethics education can create a sense of accomplishment among employees.
  2. Business ethics classes can improve employee morale and reduce turnover.
  3. You can strengthen your public image by training in business ethics.
  4. Business ethics classes can also benefit the community.

Define your goals before beginning business ethics training

Know your destination before you begin the journey. Clearly identify what you want your employees and your business to gain from training in business ethics.
free quiz from the Center for Ethics and Business of Loyola Marymount University. Then use your findings to decide what type of business ethics education would most benefit your company.

Invest in business ethics training

Take the time to research your options and invest in a business ethics education program that can be tailored to fit your business. Whether you plan to train your entire staff or just want to sharpen your own leadership skills, there are several methods of business ethics training, including seminars in business ethics, webinars, online training and even hiring an ethics coach to work in-house.

Establish a workplace code of ethics

Establishing a code of ethics should be a key component of your business ethics education. Make sure it relates to your business based upon the values of treating your customers, vendors, community and employees with integrity and respect.
Resources for Writing a Code of Ethics.

Transform your business ethics education into everyday practice

Integrate your business's ethics code into your company culture and use what you learn in every aspect of your business. There is no point in going through business ethics training if you don't consistently reinforce the basics after the training has concluded.
  • Use your business ethics education to establish a strong code of ethics and integrate its principles into the daily operations of your business.
  • Consider business ethics training an investment, not an expense. The money you spend up front will pay off in the long run in the form of happier and more productive employees, positive publicity and loyal clients and customers.
  • Encourage your business partners to attend seminars in business ethics.
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Gwen Helene Kleist