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Business management software is an all-in-one software solution, covering everything necessary to run, or manage, your small business. ...

Business management software is an all-in-one software solution, covering everything necessary to run, or manage, your small business. Management software includes project management software, inventory tracking software, e-commerce software, task management software, customer relationship management (CRM), and more, depending on the type and your business needs.

The top three things to know about business management software:

1) Find management software that fits you and your business, and allows all your systems to integrate.
2) A versatile system – that gives you the option to grow, add users, etc. – is a good choice for the small business with a solid business and growth plan.
3) Good small business management software will actually decrease your company’s expenses by streamlining all operations.

Know your options

Before you choose your small business management software, you need to decide how you’re going to use it, how many people will be using it, and which factors will best address your company’s specific needs – now and in the future.

Purchasing – or subscribing to – business manager software

All-in-one small business management software incorporates your business’s many various functions – from inventory to HR to CRM and more – into one easily-accessible solution. You can use this software through Web-based subscription, and pay by month – or purchase it outright, which is a much more expensive upfront investment.'s Project Management Software Directory for a Project Management Software Guide and many resources. Everett Software’s Everett Advanced automates all key operational aspects of your business. Can’t quite wrap your head around what business manager software does? No problem – Everett has a terrific graphic to show you. Not sure if you want to buy it or get it through a monthly subscription? No problem – here is a side-by-side Comparison Chart to help you decide.

Invest in the right business management risk software tool options

A business management risk software tool is necessary to any good small business management software – if your software doesn’t have the tools to address any risk management issues, including anti-virus software, then your whole system – and business – could be vulnerable.

Make your management software work for you

Your small business management software should – once it’s implemented – actually make your job easier by consolidating and providing information in an easily accessed display. If it doesn’t do this, perhaps you’ve chosen the wrong system for you.
Management Software Solutions at At, check out the “Top 7” industry-specific management software options, including feature/price/option comparisons for construction software, retail software, mid-market accounting software, enterprise solutions, and yes, small business software. (Not all options offer all functions, so check under the “Modules” section to learn which software includes which specific functions.)  Check out the Small Business Software for a comparison of several of the business management software options discussed in this guide.

Check out “executive dashboard” solutions in business management software

Look into some “executive dashboard” options in small business management software. Yes, “dashboard,” as in a car – something you can check quickly for the overall operation of the machine – except in this case, the “machine” is your small business.
  • Give yourself and your managers about two months to fully implement the software – and feel comfortable using it.
  • Think ahead in terms of business manager software needs. It’s no bargain to go for the cheapest deal to only address today’s needs, but then find yourself having to invest in new management software down the road when your company has grown.
  • Most business management software developers/vendors offer free trials – take advantage of these before you make the investment in a particular system, to make sure it works for you.
  • Check independent sites to read software reviews and to find out about the management software vendor’s customer service policies and reputation.

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