Conversion Tracking Released from Beta / Business Intelligence / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Following a successful beta test, Conversion Tracking is now available free to all advertisers.

Following a very successful beta test with over 70 participants, we've now made Conversion Tracking available free to all advertisers.

The most exciting aspect of this launch is we're now offering a simple, free solution to the "last click" attribution problem I wrote about in our study of B2B web analytics market share. In short, the problem is that B2B advertisers who rely on web analytics solutions which attribute 100% of campaign ROI to the last click before conversion get an overly simplistic, and inaccurate, view of the contribution made by different online marketing campaigns to overall results. And its a problem that's getting worse as the B2B sales cycle lengthens and business buyers interact with more online advertising before finally purchasing, registering for a free trial, signing-up for an event or otherwise converting. This conversion attribution issue was the second hottest topic (behind Twitter) when I spoke at Mediapost's recent Search Insider Summit - there's solid recognition among top brands and agencies that conversion attribution is a problem and that "last click" tools don't provide the full story.

In essence, Conversion Tracking punches a hole in the black box of "last click" web analytics, allowing advertisers to easily see how their campaigns and keywords are performing to support campaign optimization. We designed Conversion Tracking to be both extremely easy to implement - 44% of B2B web sites don't even use web analytics today, and a major reason for this is the complexity of implementing many of the solutions available today - and to work as a complement to existing "last click" or more full-featured web analytics tools. The specific benefits vary by the type of web analytics solution, if any, a company uses today:

For B2B Companies Without Web Analytics

For the 44% of B2B web sites without web analytics today (yes, scary, but its true), Conversion Tracking offers both clear return-on-investment (ROI) metrics for their advertising and a very simple 3-step process to implement conversion tracking.

For B2B Companies Using "Last Click" Web Analytics 

For those companies using "last click" web analytics tools like Google Analytics, Urchin Software by Google, Nedstat or others, Conversion Tracking uncovers data often not available, or incomplete, in these web analytics tools. This includes the ability to monitor the true impact of campaigns on registrations, quote requests, purchases or other transactions.

For B2B Companies Using Advanced Web Analytics

Advanced web analytics solutions like Omniture, WebTrends and Coremetrics enable B2B online advertisers to track the influence of multiple campaigns throughout the business buying process on eventual conversions. As we saw during the beta, Conversion Tracking is still very appealing to companies using these more advanced solutions because it takes literally just a few minutes to implement, saves time by making campaign ROI metrics conveniently available within the account management system and offers a useful check against third-party systems.


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