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A 2006 'Mobile Life' report suggests that pay-monthly contract phones account for 52% of all UK mobile phone sales.Offering ...

A 2006 'Mobile Life' report suggests that pay-monthly contract phones account for 52% of all UK mobile phone sales.

Offering numerous advantages over pay-as-you-go mobiles, 12 or 18-month contract phone plans cater for varying needs. Before you dive in and order a fancy new phone, be sure you know the ins-and-outs of mobile contract deals.

A mobile phone contract is what mobile users sign-up to when subscribing to a pay-monthly mobile phone plan. Contract lengths are typically 12 or (the more prevalent) 18 month contract.

Most pay-monthly plans offer you the handset for no up-front cost - the cost of the handset is subsidised by the monthly line rental fee.

In exchange for a monthly line-rental fee, you get free inclusive minutes and cheaper (than PAYG) call tariffs.


* Most mobile phones are available with pay-monthly contract plans.

* Contract tariffs are typically cheaper than PAYG tariffs.

* Typically, the whole of the handset's price is subsidised by the line rental. Most contract mobile phone plans include the handset for FREE.

* Free line rental deals can potentially save you lots of money.

You need to be 18+ to buy a contract phone. A credit check will also be performed.  You'll need a valid UK credit/debit card, bank details and 3 years address history.

Learn about mobile contract deals

Read buyers guides and other information about contract phones. Informing yourself about the ins-and-outs of mobile phones, means you can make a confident buying decision.

Buyers' Guides - Essential tips to help you buy a mobile phone.

Research the latest mobile handsets

View the latest handsets at retail stores, mobile comparison services, blogs, forums and other information sites.

You can buy a contract phone offline - at retail stores - or through one of the many online mobile phone shops.

Mobile network operators sell contract deals through their own online stores - Vodafone, 3, T-Mobile, Orange, O2 and virtual network operators such as Virgin Mobile also have their own store.

You can also buy a contract deal at one of the many online mobile dealers who act as resellers for the mobile network operators.

Mobilesift - Compare the latest mobile phones on offer from leading retailers.

Mobile Gazette - Writes about the latest mobile phone handsets.

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