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Cable TV has become a standard service for many homes and businesses across the country. For those who install cable television, the ...

Cable TV has become a standard service for many homes and businesses across the country. For those who install cable television, the job does not end with the initial hookup. Installers must also know how to troubleshoot problems with cable TV services on-site, and also at hookup points around the exterior of a building.

In addition, many cable television companies cover a wide region, so installers should be familiar with different types of cable hookups. Most cable TV installer education and training comes from the cable company itself. Those looking to begin a career as an installer only need a high school diploma to start training. Further skills include:

1. Knowledge of the technology used in the cable television industry.

2. Skills that provide quality services to customers.

3. Troubleshooting problems with cable sources and equipment.

Acquire installation training directly from a cable television company

Most cable companies do not require their TV cable installers to have previous experience, and instead prefer to train their employees themselves. After employees are hired, they are taught installation, technology and troubleshooting techniques. Cable companies look for applicants with a high school diploma. Other important qualifications include customer skills and a good driving record.

Enroll in an associate's degree or certificate program to work in the cable television industry

While most cable companies prefer to train their employees for cable installation services, there are other educational opportunities that may be useful. Certificate programs for cable installers are available. For those who want to install broadband services as well as cable, an associate's degree in computer information systems is recommended.
DeVry University offers and associate's degree in computer information systems.

Get third party training to prepare for a job in the cable TV industry

To prepare for work as a cable TV installer, courses from technical schools and other programs can teach you the necessary skills. These programs also provide useful supplemental education for those who want to learn additional installation skills, including broadband and telephone.
  • To work in the cable installation industry you should be aware of the latest cable industry information and issues, like how the latest technology works with existing cable components.

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