Cable TV Operators

By Michael Berman, writer
Dec 18, 2011
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Cable operators maximize connectivity and productivity

Keep your customers entertained with cable TV; here are some tips on choosing a cable TV service.

In the beginning, rooftop antennas captured a television signal out of the air and delivered it to your TV set. Then came a revolution. Cable service operators began delivering crisp, clear images to TVs using cables strung from telephone poles.

Now the industry has grown into a network of cable television operators that can deliver hundreds of local and national television stations into your living room.

We benefit from this in several ways.

1. TV programming becomes localized to specific communities, delivering events and other local access depending upon your local cable operator.
2. Small businesses are given the opportunity to advertise on major cable networks.
3. Cable service can be bundled with low-cost Internet and telephone service.

Contact your local cable service operator

Cable television operators maintain local offices in every community where cable services are offered.

Gear the TV stations toward your customers

Cable TV operators can set up cable TV service for your business or waiting rooms so you will only receive programming geared toward your industry.

Bundle it

Combine TV, Internet and telephone services to get a package price that is often cheaper than ordering them separately. Bundling cable services is a great way to save money and have one company handle all of your communications. For more information, contact your local cable TV provider.

  • Pick the right networks to maximize your advertising dollar. For instance advertise on the Do It Yourself Network (DIY) or the Home and Garden Network if you're selling lumber or tools.
  • Check for special introductory prices for advertising and bundles.
  • See if you can get a better rate if you sign a long-term contract or agree to spots on several stations.
  • Consider producing your own show on the public access stations made available by cable providers. Cable operators are always looking for new ideas, and the show could be relevant to your business.
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